Tuesday, April 10, 2007

wedding madness!

This is a picture of what my bathroom used to look like only a few short months ago! Steve, I got you beat! ;)
On other, completely unrelated news:
Just came across a pile of papers that were my most special pile of papers back in the day- my wedding planning papers! I had a binder but it had to get chucked, all warped and crazy- but, I found my song list for my DJ and it is SO embarassing that I felt the need to share it with you all! Actually I take that back, I love my music taste and can burn up a playlist! The only and the most embarassing song on my list was scribbled way down on the bottom....'girl you know it's true' by millie vanilli. 'nuf said.


STEVE DePINO said...

oh my god... you did beat me... at lest my floor was intact :)

Mary said...

ooh ooh oo-oh, I love you!

Randy said...

As one who deals with them on a weekly basis, I believe I will use my radio authority to ask for that playlist!!
The new site is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! Again, your work just ROCKS!
I love the way you see things through that lens.
All the best!

MEG said...

Hey Miss Carla...I see you have put down my new business name! THanks! How the hell are ya?