Sunday, April 08, 2007

look into the light, carol ann!!

Or so the creepy midget lady tells poor little Carol Ann in Poltergeist. And so all of the 'rules' in photography tell you NOT to do! "Keep the sun behind you!" "Don't place your subject directly in the middle of the frame!" "NEVER shoot directly into the sun!" Yadda yadda. Well, rules were made to be broken and super-exaggerated in my world, photography-wise, anyway! I was just having an unusually animated conversation with my clients Dawn & Mike on Saturday about light and realized that this is something that I need to share with all of my peeps- an overcast sky on your wedding is like a pretty, ornately wrapped little gift placed right at my feet! Overcast skies create soft, beautiful light that just wraps around your features and makes for the most beautiful, flattering light. Dawn & Mike knew this and we were laughing at how often I must hear 'Oh, I wish we had a bright, sunny day!' But believe me, if I have direct sun you will most likely see my trademark lens flare shots pop up, I love lens flare so much! I mean, if you are going to give me bright, harsh sun, I am going to work it to my advantage. Instead of thinking of how badly I would kill for a cloud, I am going to think outside of the box. I will totally place you dead center in the frame. I will most definetly shoot directly into the sun. And you will be SO PSYCHED I DID!

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