Wednesday, April 04, 2007

no, I am NOT shouting!

Just checking out my blog in other browser's because I normally stay within the warm safe confines of Safari on my pretty Mac. I was troubleshooting something so I had to check it through another browser (Internet Explorer) and saw my blog and to my utter HORROR, all of my text was in ALL CAPS! Ug. If you only knew how much I can't stand that! It is not my intent, regardless. Just wanted to apologize to the peeps who think I am shouting all of the time. I am really a gentle, quiet little mouse of a gal. honest.
If you just read my last entry about depino, you saw my horrid link at the very end! That was what I was troubleshooting and apparently have not fixed. My link thing isn't working, otherwise I would be linking all over the place. No, I am sure it is working, I just haven't figured it out and have to call it a day now! Stop hating!

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Tere said...

I KNOW! what's up with that? there must be some way to fix it. mine's the same way.