Monday, April 02, 2007

same place, different time

I did Newport again this weekend with the lovely and bubbly Lisa and Tom! They love having their pictures taken! Let me repeat that! Yes, a GUY who is not averse to having me take his pictures! Almost unheard of but not impossible. Tom really made me laugh with his quips. Just his tone of voice was enough, he could have been asking me to pass the salt and I would just laugh and laugh. But, shooting in the same place within a few weeks of each other was a challenge, which I felt I was up for! We went to some of the same places but came back with a different feel- challenge met and accomplished I'd say!

One of the highlights was when I shot this image. I was laying on the ground shooting, something I do a lot. We then changed venues and I heard someone behind me say my name. I turn and see David Klaypatch of David Photography Fame from CT! He was just saying he saw some weirdo photographer laying on the street and it had to be Carla Ten Eyck! Then he mentioned how he read my blog and saw my other Newport shoot- which made Lisa say 'You're famous! He read your blog!' Well, if that is all it takes to be famous then I will be signing autographs later today! ;)

Just kidding, the highlight was the $1 gelato and FREE ITALIAN COFFEE at this cute cafe! The peach was too peachy but the chocolate was out of this world!

I did make it back to The Red Parrot again for the same burger but I tried their lobster bisque. It was so creamy and had a wonderful flavor. I know, I know next time I will get the lobster BLT, it had big chunks of lobster in it and looked fabulous! Their sweet potato fries were the best I have ever had!

How cool is this parking meter? But the real question is, how windy must it have been for all of that sand to get all over it?? All in all, I'd do it all again it was so much fun! I am totally looking forward to their wedding and our trip to the Nordic Lodge!


STEVE DePINO said...

Beautiful once again

Matthew J. Wagner said...

Sweet! I have to talk one of my couples to go to Newport for their engagement photos.

And to be stopped by a living legend, DKCT!

lisabelo said...

I can't believe that's really us!

The pictures look great! Tom cannot stop looking at them, and when he does he is just grinning ear to ear!!

You are amazing! You are hands down the best wedding related decision we have made.

And I am holding you to our dinner at Nordic Lodge. It will be in September, so I I don't have to worry about fitting in my wedding dress!

Thanks again!

R.E.PhotoDesign said...

Oh I love the sweet potato fries at The Red Parrot. Next time bring some back!

Studio Foto said...

Can't wait for our newport trip!