Monday, April 23, 2007

read it!

I was just told about an amazing book, The House of Good Hope, by Michael Downs, a former sports writer from the Hartford Courant. I haven't read it yet so forgive my ignorance- but- it is about five wonderful men I had the pleasure of going to 'The Pub' (Hartford Public High School)as it is affectionately known as, back in the day! It follows these men from junior high thru high school and beyond- where they make a pact to go to college and return with degrees to help Hartford. I just ordered my copy from amazon and am so excited to read it! My old high school boyfriend is in part of it! The book has already garnered an award, the 2006 River Teeth Literary Nonfiction Prize. The cover art is done by a world renowned fiber artist, Ed Johnetta-Miller, who I had the pleasure of photographing for Mayor Mike's 3 years ago! Pick up a copy and support Arts in Hartford!

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saidemcg said...

AM super excited...just called Border's and they're holding a copy for me. CANNOT wait... class of '92, can't beat me.