Monday, January 07, 2008

brian aselton memorial 5 k

Renee and I admiring steve's killer parking space

Miss Jeannine Jersey, stylin' before the run

I had to use Mike's literal long arm of the law for this crowd shot, I am just too short. Well, he is good for something!!

Mike took this for me because he knows I needed some inspiration to run FAST.

Gotta have my calf shot, right?

Me & dot Com

Paul right at the top of that second total bull shyte hill

My own private monkey cheering section, complete with signs that said 'GO MAMA GO!' Right?

Mike & Daryl closing in on the competetion. It was an aggressive race

Paul rockin' the spandex!

.com got me crossing the finish line. Can I just get an amen for my my fanny? It's looking svelte, right??

Krystle looking all happy. She said she didn't even notice that there were hills!!

Jeannine's crew

Krystyle looking all cute

Steve DePino rockin the hat.

Our race results!

Studio Foto, representin'

Steve DePino, cold pimpin'

Our awesome group!
Sunday couldn't have been better weather for our third 5K of the season. It was sunny, no wind really and mild. All totaled we got 12 people to run in our group! Mike got his co-worker Daryl, his wife Kim and her son Jordan, Renee, Steve, Paul & Krystal and Jeannine Jersey and her two ladies and yours truly all to run.
Steve was a spaz (surprise, surprise, and was out of the gate faster than you can say Gary Fong) The rest of us hung back until Renee got the itch and bound ahead as well. I ran comfortably behind Mike & Kim and mostly with Paul, with Krystal running right behind. I have to say the course was freaking HARD- it was a total psych out- nice and gentle but right before the END it completely bitch slapped us with two ginormous hills. I wanted to puke so bad! But I was so proud of Kim (this was her first race and she is really new to running) she ran up BOTH hills! So did Mike but I expect nothing less. :)
We had 3 first time 5K-ers in the house: Kim, Krystal and the most ridiculous dude in the bunch- Daryl.
Good times, for sure.
Oh and the kicker, even though I felt like it was my worst race ever (I have issues with psyching myself out during races for some reason) it was my best race: I ran it in 34:56 with a pace of 11:47/ mile!! (my last race- which was a completely flat course was 37:33 at a 12:06 pace) So I took off 2:37 from my over all time and lowered my pace by :19 seconds per mile! I'll take it!

The next race is February 5th -Super Bowl Sunday- in New Haven- it's the Run for the Refugees- sigh up HERE!


Krystal said...

That was so AWESOME- I've just started running in the last couple weeks, but it was so much more exhilerating with a killer group supporting each other. I can't wait to do more 5ks! Maybe I'll notice the hills next time..hehe!

STEVE DePINO said...

Great job done by all!!!

I never want to see those hills again.

Robin Dini Photography said...

Carla...the incredible shrinking woman. Hey, where are the 10ike rally tees? I totally will sport one at the new haven race.

Robin Dini Photography said...

clarification....on the side lines rooting :)

Jaime said...

Come run in Kansas. We have no hills, it's all flat. Loved seeing the cheering fan. You kicked a-double-s.

Jaime said...

P.S. Love that svelte fanny!

Justin Marantz said...

awesome job guys! Carla is lookin smokin!!!

Carla Ten Eyck said...

bless your little complimentary hearts guys! Thanks!!