Tuesday, January 22, 2008

welcome little vincent

My new buddy Vincent Michael was born last week to one of my oldest friends, Bethany. I have had the pleasure of being able to photograph all three of her sons when they were just born, and I gotta tell you, this little guy is one cute little cookie!

I am quite sure there is nothing in the world cuter than little teeny baby feet, I just couldn't stop shooting them! And his little ear... am I crazy in saying that I just wanted to bite it? What is that weird wanting to bite babies thing all about? I literally wanted to stuff his entire foot in my mouth- and then I saw his little fingers! Scoot over feet!! In you go little fingers! May sound strange to some of you, but really, you are totally in the minority here, I promise.

Another favorite thing of mine is seeing the Daddy's faces when they look at their new little baby..... if I could bite you Bob, I would!!

I love you guys and am so happy that little Vincent is here happy and healthy!


Jaime said...

If I ever have kids, I'll put a muzzle on you. Babies are not for biting (but you can bite Carter's ear and it's just as cute).

Jean said...

oh oh oh, the feet have it again......who needs shoes!?

Mary Marantz said...

omigosh!!! toooooooo cute! you rocked this Ms. Ten Eyck!!


Susannah McGlamery said...

okay but really? i have the same problem with kittens.
great pics girl.
i love me some vinny goombatz!