Thursday, January 31, 2008


OH MY GOD!!! Lost is finally back on, I can barely stand it. I know I have been spastic blogger gal lately (thanks Robert Norman) but honestly how can I NOT be??

This is the best show in the world ever. Ever. Ever! EVER!! Super tricky, sneaky, lots of fun things hidden everywhere in the show.

Watch it HERE!

There is a lady who can bring you up to speed, which is actually kind of funny when you hear it all at once... kind of like soap operas, you love YOUR soap but everyone else's is totally unrealistic, right?

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

somebody SLAP ME!!


Last night I got to do something that I never thought I would ever be able to do in my life. If I could flash back to when I was a 12 year old girl, totally and completely in love with Duran Duran, obsessively like every other gal of the 80's....I think I would just die on the spot if I knew as a 34 year old woman I would get the chance to not only SEE Duran Duran but PHOTOGRAPH THEM!!!! EFFFF!!!! I feel like a spastic freak and I am sure this post will highlight every facet of that, so just make a note of that.

But CRAP!!!! I am STILL on cloud nine, still giddy and can't believe that I got to hear them sing one of my all time favorite songs- 'Save A Prayer' That's right. I remember in the prehistoric days when you had to sit by the radio with a blank tape at the ready waiting for the DJ's to stop talking so you could record the songs off the radio! How embarrassing! How primitive! But I was GOOD, I had some mad DJ skillz and could que it up perfect- stopping right in time for my next song to add on to my mix master mix tape . 'Save A Prayer' was one of my faves, I would absolutely freak out when I had the absolute luck to catch the entire song, or better yet, switch the radio station just in time to catch it again! I honestly thought I had ESP for a while because I had some crazy intuitive song catching skills. OK, call it dumb luck but I was twelve, what do you want.

And yet. Here I was, last night at this bar in Hartford waiting with the ladies and some random men and hear that you are absolutely ALLOWED to take pictures! Just no video. And all I came armed with was my stupid point and shoot. So Dodie and I BOOKED home to grab my gear so I could shoot. It's just for me I am not doing anything with these pictures except maaaayyybbbeee making some new posters for my room!!

Can I just say that John Taylor, my favorite!!! Still has it going on, he is SO freaking HOT I could barely stand it. Oh! Oh! We made eye contact!!!!! I almost forgot about that!!!!! And I was so close I could pretty much touch him but refrained lest I get tackled by the Ving Rhames look alike body guard they had rolling with them.

Now my oldest sister Tere loved herself some Simon LeBon back in the diz-ay. I never really had a taste for him, not sure why. But he is hilarious! They were cracking jokes like they were doing stand up.

At the very least I think Simon and I could be really good friends. Like I can see him coming over to mow my lawn to be nice and then making a big pitcher of mojitos in the middle of the day on like a Tuesday in August and passing out in my hammock and getting sun burnt. And then Jack and Georgie and I would pile all of their stuffed animals on him while he was sleeping so he would wake up buried.

And then when he would go to leave we would lament the fact that he needs to just find himself a nice girl to settle down with so that he has someone to pass out with after he's done doing my lawn.


Wednesday, January 23, 2008

more best of 2007

I told you there would be more! And STILL more to come! I felt like I had to separate out some categories for my Best Of's, and the Details category was just chock FULL of fun images.

One thing I hear a lot from my clients is how they were inspired by a lot of my detail shots for their own weddings. It's also nice to see how stuff looks set up in the actual place you are going to have your ceremony & reception. Enjoy!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

best of 2007

'Tis the season for everyone's 'Best Of's' to pop up and lest I feel left out and alone.... I am no exception.

I am, however, inclined to post a variety of my best of's- starting with my favorite, FEET & SHOES! I have a bunch more in the works, all of which will be posted on my 'official' web site under the 'slide shows' tab after making their debut on my b-log.

Doing this particular slide show was so much fun. It was great to see all of these shots in one body of work, and interesting to see how much I changed things up. And in some cases found a nice compositional pattern to stick to. A fun shooting challenge, to say the least...!

As photographers, it's a good exercise in really pushing yourself to see all of one type of shot together- how to keep it interesting, maintain your style and try new things all in one. Now you go!

welcome little vincent

My new buddy Vincent Michael was born last week to one of my oldest friends, Bethany. I have had the pleasure of being able to photograph all three of her sons when they were just born, and I gotta tell you, this little guy is one cute little cookie!

I am quite sure there is nothing in the world cuter than little teeny baby feet, I just couldn't stop shooting them! And his little ear... am I crazy in saying that I just wanted to bite it? What is that weird wanting to bite babies thing all about? I literally wanted to stuff his entire foot in my mouth- and then I saw his little fingers! Scoot over feet!! In you go little fingers! May sound strange to some of you, but really, you are totally in the minority here, I promise.

Another favorite thing of mine is seeing the Daddy's faces when they look at their new little baby..... if I could bite you Bob, I would!!

I love you guys and am so happy that little Vincent is here happy and healthy!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Hartford Marathon Here I come!

Well the half anyway..... LOL

So some of you know that Steve and I set up this Nike Plus running challenge between the two of us because we are competitive dorks! Well, we added some other runners from across the country as well which raised the stakes a bit and made it more fun! Although beating Steve in and of itself is super fun, regardless....! ;)

So I am new to running, really- this last 'run' if you will started right before Thanksgiving till now and I am really enjoying it! Last night I ran the farthest I have ever run, SEVEN MILES!!! The only reason that I stopped was because it was dark out and I wasn't dressed appropriately but I felt like I could have kept going! Not to mention my pace dropped significantly for that long run - it was 11:07 per mile!! A run I did on January 10th I was at 11:28 a mile... it's a nice change.

So while running I have been wondering how far can I push myself with this? I love having goals and races to train for just far enough away where I know that I have to keep running because that next race is just around the corner...(the next 5K is Feb 5th)

I made a major decision to not book a wedding on October 11th of 2008 because I am going to train to run the Hartford Half Marathon - a 13.1 mile course! AHHH!! Now I HAVE to do it!! I have been debating on it for a bit, because it is kind of a major thing, I mean I just freaking started! But, I also may do a relay as well- with me, Steve and Mike and possibly Paul too!!

What's the worst that could happen?

Monday, January 14, 2008

lori + dan e shoot

Right after Christmas I had the honor of shooting two of the most genuine and fun people- my awesome couple Lori & Dan. I hadn't met Dan yet because when we booked he was overseas so I was really excited to meet him and get to know him better. We decided to meet up at West Hartford Center and start shooting there and end up at the new Blue Back Square. We started at Mike's second home, Starbucks (I think he may actually give Mary a run for her money on who exactly is more addicted to their coffee...!) and had our pre-wedding meeting, to go over all of the details of the day since they live out of state and this would be the last time we met prior to their wedding. I love this part of my job- planning and figuring and talking about what they are most excited for. It's a really nice prelude to the wedding.
So we start in Starbucks, they are so freaking cute- Dan makes Lori laugh so easily! I am not sure if they were laughing at me or Mike or what but it worked! We then decided to pop into the Elbow Room for a cocktail and relax (we still were shooting.) Once we got out (it was raining on and off all day) we found cool alleys, store fronts and even Crate & Barrel which we unceremoniously got our butts kicked out of, albeit politely!! It was a good time, to be sure!
We are so exited for your wedding and can't wait to see you two in March!

Monday, January 07, 2008

brian aselton memorial 5 k

Renee and I admiring steve's killer parking space

Miss Jeannine Jersey, stylin' before the run

I had to use Mike's literal long arm of the law for this crowd shot, I am just too short. Well, he is good for something!!

Mike took this for me because he knows I needed some inspiration to run FAST.

Gotta have my calf shot, right?

Me & dot Com

Paul right at the top of that second total bull shyte hill

My own private monkey cheering section, complete with signs that said 'GO MAMA GO!' Right?

Mike & Daryl closing in on the competetion. It was an aggressive race

Paul rockin' the spandex!

.com got me crossing the finish line. Can I just get an amen for my my fanny? It's looking svelte, right??

Krystle looking all happy. She said she didn't even notice that there were hills!!

Jeannine's crew

Krystyle looking all cute

Steve DePino rockin the hat.

Our race results!

Studio Foto, representin'

Steve DePino, cold pimpin'

Our awesome group!
Sunday couldn't have been better weather for our third 5K of the season. It was sunny, no wind really and mild. All totaled we got 12 people to run in our group! Mike got his co-worker Daryl, his wife Kim and her son Jordan, Renee, Steve, Paul & Krystal and Jeannine Jersey and her two ladies and yours truly all to run.
Steve was a spaz (surprise, surprise, and was out of the gate faster than you can say Gary Fong) The rest of us hung back until Renee got the itch and bound ahead as well. I ran comfortably behind Mike & Kim and mostly with Paul, with Krystal running right behind. I have to say the course was freaking HARD- it was a total psych out- nice and gentle but right before the END it completely bitch slapped us with two ginormous hills. I wanted to puke so bad! But I was so proud of Kim (this was her first race and she is really new to running) she ran up BOTH hills! So did Mike but I expect nothing less. :)
We had 3 first time 5K-ers in the house: Kim, Krystal and the most ridiculous dude in the bunch- Daryl.
Good times, for sure.
Oh and the kicker, even though I felt like it was my worst race ever (I have issues with psyching myself out during races for some reason) it was my best race: I ran it in 34:56 with a pace of 11:47/ mile!! (my last race- which was a completely flat course was 37:33 at a 12:06 pace) So I took off 2:37 from my over all time and lowered my pace by :19 seconds per mile! I'll take it!

The next race is February 5th -Super Bowl Sunday- in New Haven- it's the Run for the Refugees- sigh up HERE!