Wednesday, January 07, 2009

January Ten Eyck Tuesday

Hi! Let me introduce myself! I am a BROKEN freaking RECORD!! Know why?


ok, pause, rewind. So yesterday's class was, well, yesterday! On the first Tuesday of the month, as always, right? Let me start by saying that there was nothing normal about this class for a few reasons:

-it was ALL beginners! And I was SCARED!! I can talk trash with the best of 'em but you know when you are so close to something that it's hard to back up and get some perspective on things? Well, that's me and photography. I'm in it up to my eyebrows, like all the time, so thinking of it from a 'coming to you new' kind of way was challenging to say the least!

-we had one model, not a couple. Doesn't sound like a big deal, right? Oh but it is.

-we stayed in my house to shoot! What? It was warmer, plus we got WAY more shooting time since there was no travel time involved, and no one froze! Bonus.

-I didn't make Mexican food! Unless four cheese baked macaroni and cheese is Mexican!! aye aye aye!!! with a baby spinach salad with feta, strawberries and walnuts. No, YOU stop!

OK, onward and upward people!! Let me spin my tale for you all......

First, meet our gracious model, the uber comfortable in front of the camera, Miss Jacklyn Greenberg of Jag Studios! She is something else!!

Like I was telling the class, having Jackie model for us was kind of like cheating...she is just SO photogenic...

We stayed in the upper hallway of my house, which Dave and I just repainted a nice soft gray (Pebble Beach, Benjamin Moore if you are curious) with crisp white trim... and it just sings to me in the mid morning...the light is ridiculous

Check out the ladies in Georgie's room watching Maura shoot

Love the toys leading to Jackie

The doll with the red hair my Mom made for me when I was little

We really tried to use the entire corner up there, it just yielded so many shooting opportunities

Meet Miss Jessica - she is from Sialia Photography in western CT. She excelled at taking her time to get what she wanted from the day- one of the hardest thing for most photographers to do!!

This is a new one for me: meet Maura, our resident newbie! You want to know what Maura knew before she came to my class? NADA!! She told me, and I quote, sort of 'I pretty much only know how to turn on the camera' Yeah, I was scared because I wasn't sure she would absorb it all but OH.MY.GOD!!! She left completely understanding the concept of aperture, shutter speed and ISO and their relationship to exposure!!!!! She has a killer eye as well, which we all know is half the battle!

Here is Miss Traci from Tru Blu Photography in Simsbury. I was very excited to meet this one as she is good friends with my girl Eileen Broderick... because Eileen is NUTS. Tell Dr. Phill I said :P

And she comes back for more abuse!!! Melissa Wilson just couldn't get enough of C 10 ike love and had to have some more. I can't tell you all how far this lady has come in her understanding of what she wants to capture and what she gets... it's nothing short of amazing to me to see the transformation!!

Had to add this one that blogger is working again :P

And come on, how dope is my salad


nikki nicole photography said...

the shots of jackie are sooo amazing!!!!

love them!

E. Broderick Photography said...

Hey--why didn't I ever think to attend twice?! Every month I am jealous of the new crew b/c no matter who models or where you shoot, the stuff y'all get is AMAZING!! I want to live in your hallway. So nice.

Jackie is a dream.

Oh, and Dr. Phil says, "How do you like me now?" ;O

Melissa said...

I AM READY for number 3 and 4 and 5 !! I cannot get enough of Carla's Tuesday's It is my escape from my chaotic other world of motherhood and slave.. LOL But really it is so much fun and relaxing to me!! I cannot thank you enough.

Jessica said...

Thank you for everything! Yesterday was amazing! I had a great time and learned SO much!

Simone Gutkin said...

MAN, i wish i could do another. I'm a Carla-holic!

Valeen Thivierge said...

I love that you did the shoot at your house, that is so cool and your home is gorgeous! And way warmer than it was in the parking garage! LOL You are the BEST!

Val McCormick Photography said...

Wow, Those images of Jackie are hott! I love how you shot the dolls in Georgie's room. I have a question for you. Where did the line up go? You gotta shoot the team :-)

That salad made me HUNGRY!

Jackie must be so excited!


talia@sixpence said...

What awesome pictures and it looks like such a fun time! the salad looks delish! yum!

Studio Foto said...

hot!! Your workshops are amazing:)