Sunday, January 18, 2009

marissa and michael pratt winter engagement shoot

Yesterday Mike and I braved the cold with our awesome October 2009 clients Marissa and Mr. Michael Pratt- them more so than us- we were bundled up like the kid in a Christmas Story! We had the brilliant idea of having a fire pit to go back to and warm up in between shots...thanks for setting that up!!

There is a waterfall on the property we were shooting at and it made for quite the cool back drop.

Then provided a nice little set up for my ring shot with all of the ice ice baby

Michael Pratt grew up hauling bales of hay and stuff and was showing me their cool barn with all of the twine for baling the hay- and man, what an incredible back ground this made too with this light?

They put the OOOTT in Boot! Love this shot of them on the stairs leading up to the loft

Up in the hay loft was just........ yeah

Marissa is so beautiful and has the most intense blue eyes!

It's like they just jumped out of an old movie here

Did a little interior tractor shooting here

Mike thought it would be a good idea to see if this HUGE great dane would try to stick Mike's head in his mouth as a show of dominance... so of course I was on standby... but no dice! He just wanted our bagel!

Love the contrast here with the snow....extra special shout out to Miss Tammy Swales for her photoshop skillz...and I'll leave it at that

How cute are they? ?

Thanks so much Marissa & Michael Pratt for such a fun day and for being such troopers on this super cold day!!! We are totally looking forward to your wedding in October!


Make sure you check out Mike's blog, for some more super cool shots


Rick O said...

Love the ring on the ice - awesome freaking idea - and the legs on the stairs - color is just totally outrageously outrageous LOL

-Rick :)

Rnormfoto said...

the 'smoke' shot and ICE are amazing!!! wow

Melissa said...

I ♥ the fire pic!~

Beyond The Lens Photography said...

Love these Carla...especially the first one! Awesome job as usual! :)

Candace Jeffery Photography said...

Love the smoke shot!

Val McCormick Photography said...

Ooot in boot is right! I love that boot shot! I wish I new how to build a fire. Something to add to my list :-)

Erik Maziarz said...

off the hook . . . the shots inside the barn are just awesome!

Studio Foto said...

OMG girl...and guy:) These are incredible!!! Were are you finding all these barn people? I live in Stafford and nothin'

Adam HH said...

Holy crap, Carla -- those barn shots are out of control amazing!

The heat distortion of the fire shot is super dope also. You kick ass.