Wednesday, December 31, 2008

adios, 2008!

Aye Dios mio! 2008 is almost OUTTIE!! I am sad to see it go... it was a great year- but I am even more excited to ring in 2009...

I am working on a recap of the year- there are so many things to celebrate both personally and professionally.... but I'll just touch on two of my professional favorites... one being the addition of my new team mate, Mr. Mike Romano! The second being the addition of my MVP, and Mike's MVP I'd wager as well... our fabulous fabulous D3's...

Having the eye and knowing what makes a good image to begin with is the A #1 component of everything. Let me just get that out there... but. But. BUT. butt. :)

When you have the tools to get what is in your head out, the way you actually see it... well hells bells people! That's awesome!

Whether it's the D3 or the new Canon or even a Diana camera, who cares as long as it's the D3! Just kidding. Really, as long as YOU can find the tool that is best for YOU, then HOLLA!!

So, with that.... here are two favorites, SO FAR!
Silly silly Mike! He makes the day go by even faster with his schenanigans and tomfoolery!

And the woman of the girl, my D3...! And if you think you see a new 50mm 1.4 G crazy awesome lens here you would be RIGHT!!


Melissa (MW Photography) said...

OH I am jealous of that camera and Lens, but I am excited you got the 1.4!! sweet..
Well I am looking forward to ringing in the new year with our class on the 6th!! See you then!

Salty Grapes said...

Does your D3 have a name? =)

I'm so thankful for your friendship and encouragement, and checking in on your blog is always a highlight of my day... XOXO Julia

p.s. That shot of Mike is one of the best evah!

Katie Slater said...

I've just gotten a response from Nikon USA after emailing them your latest post. Upon reading of your passion, love, and zest for the D3, they've decided to fire Ashton Kutcher as their spokeswh@re and hire C10Eyck!!! How exciting - you're gonna be famous! ;)

Rockin' new lens by the way! Yay! :)

MIKE said...

I look like the guy from spaceballs, dark helmet???

talia@sixpence said...

Can't wait to see your 2008 recap, Carla! So many incredible weddings!

Robin Dini Photography said...

Lord Helmet :)

girrrrl! I can't wait to see what you captured with that lens. Do i start every blog post with girrrrl? i think I do. Resolution, be more creative. :P

laurie said...

hey I remember that photo:) have a great new year's! Be Safe!!

Val McCormick Photography said...

Awesome 2008! Like Julia I am so thankful for your friendship, encouragement and inspiration. You have REALLY helped me grow in so many ways and I am truly appreciative for everything you have done. I know your just being you and I don't think you realize what positive impacts you make in so many lives. Thank you most of all for the awesome memories.

Looking foward to seeing your recap! Robin....That's just so Robin I love it..Girllllll.


E. Broderick Photography said...

LOL--my eyes just played a funny trick on me. Reading Val's post I swore for a secind she wrote "I look forward to seeing your crap." I swear! The letters got jumbled for a moment.

Anyway--where was I? Ah, yes. your stellar year. Thanks for the laughs and the inspiration. I am wickedly jealous of the good times and the talent of the TenEyck-Romano Dream Team. Happy New Year!