Wednesday, December 17, 2008

ten eyck tuesday dec 16 class was a freeze OUT!

***disclaimer*** I realize that I start off ALL of the Ten Eyck Tuesday posts with how much fun we had..... but FOR REAL I do have fun, each and every time like it's my JOB! Wait. What? OK, it IS my job!! AND I LOVE MY FREAKING JOB!!!!!!

So stop hating on my fun recap and read ON:

The second December Ten Eyck Tuesday installment was so much fun- this group was the A Number One CHATTIEST most caffeine addicted group I have ever had! They make Mike's venti black eye with energy look like a decaf coffee! MELISSA!! OK, so Val and Simone were not the culprits so I will let you all deduce who the other two were... ;)

Our models for the day? My good buddy & the Mrs. New Good Buddy MR. AND MRS. ERIC FOLEY! Holy Hotness Batman! These two were smoking it UP, and thank god because it was SO freaking cold out! I forgot to bring my hat and gloves so I was super chilly...! But they kept us all warm with all of the talking and laughing we did...
So we started off in Blue Back Square- but not the pretty, easy to shoot part that you may assume I took them! We started in a parking garage- which to me, is fun and a place I would actually choose to shoot. It was fun seeing how everyone got what I saw after explaining how light is really everywhere, and texture, and cool nooks to shoot just ABOUND if you train your eye to look for them all... so we started in these empty spaces...

The best part was showing how radically you can change the feel of an image just by how you decide to expose your image... This is the same spot, but they just sat down.

Here is Simone in action working on changing up her perspective

Same spot again, I just stood up

The garage had these super crazy LED lights in them, so it was fun playing with my white balance to create an immediate mood. Well and then there is Mr. Foley being all moody himself! He really is fun to shoot!!

Miss Aurora Onorato getting in nice and close

Miss Melissa Wilson worked it

So we were headed to Starbucks to warm up, right? Well.... we didn't get too far... because, well, doesn't this little corner look AWESOME to shoot in? So we made a pit stop

Got some snuggly close ups- and man Erin's eyes? Are sooooooo pretty! She is just so photogenic and beautiful and easy to work with

Miss Valeen Thivierge, of The Sweetest Days Photography, working her D3, baby!!!!! We were instant friends, of course.

While shooting Val shooting the Foley's I had to shoot the Foley's, follow?

Then I had to go back in there and shoot... come ON

Poor Simone had the one eyed WILLY going on but it was hilarious. And cold. Did I mention that it was cold?

Simone, pulling a Mike Romano Blue Light Special. Loved the shoes of course

After warming up at Starbucks we went to a beautiful, awesome PARKING LOT! But wherever you are? Is where you are. And so? We work it OUT!!!

Here Eric Foley is working it out

Here I am pretending we are in Alaska or something. For no reason. But doesn't it feel like it? Did I mention that it was cold out?

OK, here are the cast of characters.... drum roll please....
From the Western part of the lovely state of Connecticut, Miss Aurora Onorato!

Again representing our Nutmeg State to points west is Miss Melissa Wilson!!

One of my new favorite people (she got Mike GOOD at our art opening last week and I am forever indebted to her) Miss Valeen Thivierge of The Sweetest Days, bringing it back east to Jewett CITY!!

And last but not least, coming up from the shoreline way... the wise-cracking stylings of Miss Simone Gutkin!

A must. Shoes, shoes as far as the eye could see.... not as bad as my office... and no I am not moving them for tonight :P

Awwww... check us out!!

I had so much fun shooting and learning with you all- don't forget what you challenged yourselves to do when you left and KEEP SHOOTING!!



Valeen Thivierge said...

OMG! We had the MOST fun, totally awesome time! Carla, you rock...not only as a fab photographer, but as a totally amazing teacher too. Wow. Everyone should be waiting in line for the next Ten Eyck Tuesday, get there now... what are you waiting for?? Go... do it! Sweet!!

Jaime said...

Is that you sporting your new bag? How do you like it?

Great stuff, as usual.

Eric Foley said...

Amazing as always Carla! Thanks for a great time, we will be your Ginnie Pigs any time:) It was great meeting everyone!

I absolutely love that last image of Erin and I together:)

Can't wait to see the rest!

Anonymous said...

Lovely gils and lovely shoes! I always like to see how you make a simple place to a star and to great pics.

Melissa (MW Photography) said...

WHAT an amazing day!! I haven't stopped talking about it.. OH wait I never stop talking anyway...LOL LOL

I Have never been so happy and proud of my self in a long time..

OH I AM SORRY... hope that doesn't sound corny.. LOL


Aurora Photography said...

It is always a pleasure to spend time with you girl, but what a great day I cannot wait to put up some of my images... seriously you guys have no idea Mr. and Mrs. Foley are seriously hottt! I can't wait to get my images up... I was so excited to meet someone even more spaztastic... and talkative than me.

Robin Dini Photography said...

daaaaaamn. Those Foleys are some good lookin' peoples :) I wish I saw these before the party!

Val McCormick Photography said...

WOW I LOVE these are AWESOME! The Foleys make a great lookin' couple. ERIN is beautiful, Eric! I can't wait to see more shots from this session.

Cheryl said...

Check out that facial hair on Mr. Foley!!! Boy he looks smokin' with and without doesn't he???

Bill Reid said...

After some diligent searching, I found this site! The shoot looked like a lot of fun. - And Eric and Erin, make for some great subjects.
Hard to hide true love.

Great pics of some great people.