Wednesday, December 03, 2008

December 2 Ten Eyck Tuesday was just about a boy and his dog...

This last Ten Eyck Tuesday was so much fun. Almost too much fun- for a myriad of reasons- The attendees were all so funny - let's start with Bruce Thivierge. OK, let's not. I don't think that I could do this man's humor justice on my blog. He is just funny, witty, full of one liners. My belly hurts, I feel like I did sit-ups all day! So I can only hang out with him every other day to give my body a break! He shoots with his sister in law Val (one of my December 16th workshop attendees!!) and The Sweetest Days photography studio. I can't wait to meet Miss Val, and am apologizing to her publicly as I found out she is a BIG Mike Romano fan and will be so sad that she missed the opportunity to photograph him and his big guy yesterday!

Then there was the seven months pregnant Miss Andrea Walpurgis of Enfield, just living the dream and following her love of photography shooting for her studio Shades of Images in Enfield. Wanna go for a RIDE?? She is the unoffical director of dogs, well, and Cheryl Cronin.

Oh Miss Cheryl of Cronin Photography in Branford. She is TROUBLE. I thought I had her PEGGED the first time I met her- as a stuffy, shoreline photographer! It turns out that she is really just kind of shy in big groups (as are most people) but she kept me on my toes with her jabs and disses all day! And she didn't just stop at me! She tagged everyone! Including Mike! Which I personally loved, as he gives me neverending guff day in and day out. Yeah, I said guff!

And finally we round out our group with the kind hearted and sweet Mr. Jason Henriques. He just LOVES photography and is like a big sponge, soaking it all in. He has such a good outlook on life and fit right into this sarcastic crowd quite well!! His studio, Jason Henriques Photography is based out of West Haven.

And our models.... my trusty second shooter- the right hand to my left, the hem to my haw...Mr. Mike Romano and his dog, the sweetest, most loveable dog... meet Mr. Max. I now officially have a giant dog crush on this guy. Minus the drool. (I am gagging as I write this) His drool is like the grossest thing in the world! But I still am harboring feelings for this giant, sweet creature!! Let me show you how adorable he is!

And in the words of Miss Cheryl Cronin.... He's just a boy and his dog......

I gave Mike some Cheerios (which he said were stale, but whatever) so that he could have an excuse to kiss his dog

Big, bright park, soggy ground? I opt for a kind of 'intimate portrait' but it sure takes on a new meaning when it's not a 'couple' per se...

One of my favorite shots to take during our shoot was Mike's reaction to Max's drool- he didn't do it often though because MAN does he love his little guy!!

Here is Bruce laying on the soggy gross ground directing Mike and Max

Now I love Max- but his drool factor is at super gross out levels and had my gag reflex working overtime! Here he is just having a drink and yes it looks all pretty... but don't be deceived

Cheryl keeping her distance... which she overcame! And got WAY up in Mike's grill

Andrea is working Max's regal stance

That Branford-esq sea grass was really working for me here- and so I put Mike and Max square in it and went with the whole warm-tone thing

BAD ASS!! I love this shot of Max, he actually looks kinda scary here

We all came to the conclusion that Mike can rock the whole being out of focus thing really, really well! Like, yeah I'm good and all IN focus but you should see me when I am BLURRY!!

Love the color in this shot and how it all ties in- Max and his blackness, his fur, mike's jacket and his Captain Red Beard thing he has going on

This is all shades of wrong, I know.... but COME ON!!!!!!

Just a boy and his dog...and his drool

There is a slide show just WAITING to happen....keep your eyes peeled for it!

After Mike basically got to hide behind Max being the star of the shoot, literally and figuratively, I proposed a bit of a shooting challenge to everyone:
Photograph Mike while he is sitting on the bench- you can't move him from it- and get something different that what you had been getting all afternoon....This is what I came back with- and believe me when I tell you that shooting men alone is a bit of a challenge for me- I find it exponentially harder to shoot one person rather than a I welcomed this shooting challenge
Here I really kept the background lines in mind as I framed his giant head within them ;) I really wanted to tie in the green of his eyes and the green of the grass- and his red scruff contrasts nicely with the green

Jason is working a lower angle here

Max could not leave Mike alone and kept getting in poor Jason's way! But I had to take this shot of these two

Bruce and I got such different perspectives from this very moment- I LOVE IT! In this shot I really dig the fact that you can't see either of their eyes, and despite the fact that they both look kind of sketchy Mike is making a kissy face to max which changes the whole feel of the shot

Andrea moved WAY in for her out of the box shots and got a great shot of Mike's lashes that we cropped panoramic and made sepia- it really played up his freckles and turned out to be a great shot!

Yes Mike can be quite a dufus but man is this guy photogenic or WHAT??? Not to mention that he can rock the serious blue steel face in 1 second flat

Kim- call me and tell me how big you want this one!! SUPER PRETTY!!!!

Here is the group!

Super big thank you shout to my boy Mike and his puppy dog Max!!!

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Candice @ Jubilee Events said...

Carla you are too amazing! And I agree, Mike is a fab model and so is his dog.

Salty Grapes Photography said...

Oh MAN! My favorite kind of models!!! =D I LOOOVE Max! Drool and all. He's just adorable.

Looks like such a great day. =) -Julia

Valeen Thivierge said...

Sweet!! Totally bummed that I missed meeting Mike and his 'puppy' but so completely excited about getting to have some fun with Carla in a couple weeks! It's like waiting for Christmas! Amazing and awesome shots by everyone! :) You rock!! said...

Cute dog. ;) - I hope you gave them a hard time!!!

Orchard Cove Photography said...

Max -e moodle is so cute! Let me know if you ever want to rock the preppy dog world and I'll bring Strider along :)

Robin Dini Photography said...

i absolutely love these. I gotta tell ya, when you mentioned using Max as a model, I had my doubts. These are so incredible! It's so true...shooting a man alone is a challenge I have too. I only like shooting The Frankness. I feel like "i'm cheating" if I shoot anyone else :)

Mike-Great sport! Your pooch is a great model! You, well, that goes without saying :)

Katie Slater said...

Awesome stuff here Miss Carla - but I was crackin' up hard core with the ring shot...completely hilarious...and wrong at the same time!!! :) Love it!!!

E. Broderick Photography said...

Oh, these are so awesome! Mike's Blue Steel face is perfect. And your Bad Ass photo of Max is so Cujo. Looks like a great time and I am sure this unique "modeling duo" forced everyone a bit outside their comfort zone or usual repertoire.