Friday, December 19, 2008

CT is rep-re-SENT-IN' on Style Me Pretty!

So there is this really awesome wedding planning site called Style Me Pretty - any wedding clients should check it out, it is AWESOME!!! So, they have a vendor blog called The Little Black Book Blog, and they have a feature up on ring shots.....aaannnddd.... I got featured! I am SO excited about this because the caliber of work on their site is just off the hook!

Not to mention that my good friends The Marantz's, Studio Foto, Amanda Harris Herzberger aka Orchard Cove Photography and Daria Bishop of Vermont are ALL featured in there as well!! WAY TO REPRESENT, NEW ENGLAND!!!

You can check it out HERE- and again, feel free to leave a comment and show some CT LOVE! :)

1 comment:

David Apuzzo, Photography said...

Congrats! You have some great shots up there, and that's a great site.