Friday, December 19, 2008

some ladies, and some laughs

Last night I got together with some close lady friends- Ralph Mouth aka Miss Robin Dini, the vocal GPS imitating stylings of Miss Eileen Broderick, and the super incognito Miss Julia of Salty Grapes fame- to shoot at Meriden's Hubbard Park with all of the fancy schmancy holiday lights. I haven't laughed so hard in a long long time, I swear!

Here are a few of my favorites- and all were shot by this train that my son Jack would just be foaming at the mouth for, right Val?

And can I get an AMEN for GPS's- I know you knew where you were going Robin, and that you just took the scenic route for fun and all but here is a crash course in 'YOU KNOW YOU'RE IN THE GHETTO WHEN...'

1) There are Check Cashing places, like EVERYWHERE
2) Bars on windows, even on the third floor
3) Liquor stores are mano y mano with adult 'bookstores'
4) Ali Baba Bail Bonds

'nuff said!!!

I was LUV-in' the reflections in Robin's glasses!

Julia and Robin can't HELP but bust out laughing in front of the camera!!

And can I get a shout for Julia's Frosty the Snowman Hat?? AWESOME!!!

When it was Eileen's turn to be in front of the 'firing squad' she was all like, 'I'm not fun and playful like Robin and Julia' But MAN can she rock the serious shots!! Keep in mind that she is tearing me UP while I am shooting her, this girl is so freaking funny I could split my pants from laughing so hard!

Girls, it was fun, thanks for motivating me to get some nice stuff!



Robin Dini Photography said...

Ha ha. I knew your dialogue would be better than mine :). Yeah! So fun

Val McCormick Photography said...

Those were SO Cool!!! I love the reflection in the glasses too! Julia can melt anyone's heart with that smile and Eileen, Man that second to last show. HOTTNESS Baby! Awww, what a great group! That train goes through some pretty scary places ;-)
Love ya girlz!

E. Broderick Photography said...


Oh, boy. I wish the Poor Man's Sit-Up really worked. I'd be sportin' a serious 6-pack after Thursday night. Hoo-Boy!

I still haven't had a chance to edit my shots but I can't wait to share! And Julia's Frosty hat is awesome but it reminds me more of Slash from G 'N R. Maybe it's cuz my mind is in the gutter. Or cuz we were in The Hood.