Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Mystic 4 Seminar coming in January- check it out!

Last year a bunch of us went to the Mystic 3 in January and saw some really great speakers. This year proves to be an even more impressive line up with some really talented people! I HIGHLY recommend checking it out!

Read more and sign up HERE

They feature a dinner (which is EXTRA. but only like $31) on Sunday January 17 at the Steak Loft in Mystic the night before that all of the speakers attend- and I am sure some of us will go down earlier and coordinate some type of shooting event...!

Then ALL day on Monday Jan. 18 there is back to back speakers- and a bunch I am really pumped to see! My girl Michelle Turner is back- Mike and I had the pleasure of attending a workshop she taught for two days back in June and we learned so much.

So go on, what are you waiting for!!!!


See you there! :)


ideagirl said...

I'll be there! Can't wait to see you!!


F.C. Wong said...

Hello Carla,

I stumbled upon your blog somehow. I love the way you see.

I'll actually be at Mystic 4, all the way from San Francisco, so I'll be sure to say hi!

Keep up the great work!



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