Thursday, June 12, 2008

charisse + tom wedding at the inn at longshore

The first of our double header wedding weekend started off with one of my favorite couples, Tom & Charisse at the Inn at Longshore in Westport. We had such incredible weather and light, Mike and I were pumped!
I think this is one of my favorite shoe shots so far... my girl Charisse was awesome and brought something personal for me to incorporate into my detail shots since she was not getting ready at her home. So she brought T passes that Tom had saved from when they first started dating! How cool are they? I love them because they are so colorful and graphic but mostly because they are both incredible graphic designers themselves so I felt like we were tying in some elements here... not to mention I love the silver of the shoes and they are Jessica Simpson shoes! I hear they are SO comfortable, right Mike? ;)

I decided to try something new for me and shoot the dress from underneath. While I liked my first shots I felt it was missing the 'oomph' so I decided to change the white balance to tungsten to force the blues in the image since it is being lit by natural light. I then just punched it up a tad more in lightroom.

Charisse and her girls getting emotional after she read her card from Tom

Tom gave Charisse some beautiful blue jewelry

a nice quiet moment before we went down for pictures

I decided to shoot where the ceremony was going to be and take advantage of the pretty white chairs and lush green grass. Yes I was lying belly down in the grass :)

I absolutely LOVED this stone wall in front of the Inn! I could see that we were lucky that it was low tide!

How beautiful is Charisse?

Mike and I were tag teaming the guys like crazy! Mike would throw out an idea, then I'd be like 'OH! Oh! Do this!' then he's change it up then I would, it just kept getting more and more fun, it was almost like bridal party picture ping pong

Love this shot of Tom and his boys

Again, those chairs came in handy for some portraits... I really like them! But I also love this light on Tom

This is Tom right before Charisse came into view... you can't really tell but there is a packed ceremony right underneath the bottom of the frame- I liked removing Tom from the visual chaos and separating him a bit- kind of like, it's only him and Charisse there

Charisse's expression here is so freaking CUTE, the way her chin just dips down to her shoulder is just perfect!

Tom's cousins I think it was were very boisterous and kept shouting words of congratulations while we were shooting, they were hilarious!

Ask and ye shall receive..... I want peony bouquets? I get peony bouquets!!! And HOW! I just wanna put them in my mouth, like little baby toes and fingers but realize that it's completely inappropriate

love love love that rich yummy light

I also love their bridal party! They were SO chill and trusting and FUN and weren't ONCE asking us why Mike and I were taking pictures of their backs and not them smiling at the camera!!! (trust me we got those too but this one is fun!)

Tom, Dave, Brian and Rob got all cuddly it was a nice boy moment!

I love the walking away shots, add to it the light and the sail boats and that lovely rock texture....

Be sure to check out Mike's shots HERE, he got some INCREDIBLE STUFF!!!


Robin Dini Photography said...

love that vertical bridal party shot. awesome!

Erik Maziarz said...

You guys rocked the stone wall! My favorites of the bunch are the dress shot and the groom isolated from the ceremony. The composition of that shot is dead on and so dramatic!

Orchard Cove Photography said...

SUPER PRETTY. Loving her peony bouquet!!

nikki nicole photography said...

first you guys slammed this one!!!! may i should say rocked!!!!

love this light in the pic of the 2 of them standing...pic above vertical bridal party pic!!!!!

Beyond The Lens Photography said...

Love them all Carla...I can't really pick a fav, but that shoe shot is KILLER!!! LOL@ you about the peony bouquet....."eat'em like little toes"...I love baby toes!

Salty Grapes Photography said...

That one of their backs is awesome. Leave it to you... :) And that bouquet! Gorgeous! Now I know what peonies are... me and my black thumb. :) I just LOVE love LOVE those T passes in that first one. Awesome.

As someone who doesn't do weddings, I have to know... how do you guys deal with getting filthy rolling around on the ground? Whenever I roll around on the ground for random shots all by myself, I end up gross. :) Not such a big deal on your own, but how do you then continue to present yourself to the crowd? This has been on my mind lately... =D

David Burke said...

Carla!!! How are you??? Just wanted to say hello... And also the D3 is insane! I am loving this beast. Hope you are well. Talk to you soon.


Candace Jeffery Photography said...

These are great images! The couple is beautiful. I'm going to be heading to the Inn at Longshore in July for the first time, thanks for showing how great of a location it is!

Jason Lanier said...

Great shots...I love the one from underneath the dress...and the one of the guys hugging is great.

Mary Marantz said...

ooooh! the dress shot is ROCKIN!!!

carla ten eyck said...

Julia- I pretty much just dust myself off and call it a day... but I do usually bring a change of clothes as well just in case I get really out of control (which has been known to happen, surprise surprise!- you should have SEEN me at this last wedding I was SOAKED completely!!)

But you know my clients expect it I guess and just kind of roll with it, thankfully!

.:tomas flint:. said...

S-T-U-N-N-I-N-G, as always. i love to see the world through your eyes carla. what a beautiful world it is.
much love. ~t~

Bryan said...

What amazing shots!! We're getting married there August 7, 2010.

Question: At what time of the day was the ceremony/reception? Our ceremony starts at 6:30pm there and we want to make sure we have enough light.