Sunday, June 08, 2008

jackie + ben at The Branford House

Last weekend I had the luxury of second shooting with my boy, Steve Depino, MD. at a super awesome wedding at one of my favorite places to shoot... the Branford House in Groton! It's always interesting to me to show up and shoot a wedding when I don't know the clients.. but these two made it so easy to feel like I had been right there from the beginning!

Here are a bunch of my favorites from the day... thanks Steve for making me do all the work... I mean second shoot with you! :)

Gotta give my girls Talia and Lindsey a shout from Sixpence for Your Shoe! They got it all right!!

bling, bling, bling, BLING! oh, and more BLING! This guy Ben got his new wife SO MANY incredible and beautiful pieces of jewelry....tell me she doesn't look excited

Virginia, aka the world's cutest flower girl, tries to get a peek of the jewels

groomsmen taking a breather before the festivities on the vast lawn of the Branford House

This little guy was adorable- but his parents were also hilarious to watch throughout the day- at one point they were singing to him on the dance floor much to his obvious was so cute!

It was so windy and crazy Steve and I divided and conquered to spare poor Jackie the chilly temps- he shot the guys and I shot the girls

Mr. Depino, preaching it up

Miss Elizabeth and Miss Lois. I am normally pretty low key when I do candids and don't really have them look at me.. but. Seriously. They both said 'cheese' when I was shooting. Adorable!

Rings perched within the many many nooks that the Branford House has to offer

Miss Virginia came down the stairs with the biggest tears in her big brown eyes so I decided to make her feel extra special and have her very own shoot! It can be hard work being a little person on such a big day...

Check out her special smile....!

peonies, peonies, peonies!! One of my most favorite flowers! I am always secretly hoping that someone has the cahones to just get a bouquet of all peonies and I am not sure why I have not seen it yet, but here we GO! So super pretty. I could not stop shooting the flowers

Now you either love or hate that teal rug in the Branford House. I LOVE IT.

And decided to work it in as many shots as I could get Steve to allow... ;) Not to mention that ridiculous ceiling. UH!!! Yes, please. Um. And the natural light that's just wrapped all over them? HELLO!

more, more, more

I hopped up on the ledge of the back porch area and shot them from above- I was careful I know it's not level and I also knew that Steve had no desire to catch me as I fell! I actually gave them specific instructions to catch my camera first, me second!

I love shooting from above

The flowers were ridiculously beautiful

Ben and I just clicked- here he was mugging for me and I was cracking up- right before he walked down the aisle, normally a somber moment!

My girl, Miss Virginia, giving me her bestest smile

Beautiful buckets of flowers lined the aisle (shot at ISO 4000 / 50mm / 2.2 1/800 sec)

A friend of theirs sang 'Ribbon in the Sky' by Stevie Wonder, it was beautiful and Jackie got very emotional. (ISO 4000 / 130mm / 2.8 / 1/320 sec)

Tender hand holding right before their first dance

They had chairs that said 'perfect & 'pair' I was ALL over that (ISO 1250 / 50mm / 1.4 / 1/160 sec)

Captain's Log Stardate 5.31.08- here we GO! Ben's Dad gave a toast....and at the end of it he said something to the effect of ' as a parent you are a parent and not a friend. But tonight I say to my son,'Congratulations, friend.' My heart just aches even writing that! It was so incredibly heartfelt and real and yes, you guessed it- I was crying my eyes out!! (ISO 2500 / 70mm / 2.8 / 1/60 sec)

During the Mother Son dance his Mom broke down and just cuddled in... it was so emotional and sweet... Look at Ben's face! Look at how much taller than her he is! UH!!! I can't imagine my little Jack towering over me...(ok shush I am sure someone is saying that'll be next year) (ISO 1600 / 85 mm / 1.4 / 1/60 sec)

Towards the end of the Mother / Son dance Ben's Mom invited Jackie to join them (she was not doing a dance) It was a really nice moment and I loved seeing both of their hands on Ben's back

We got quite a lightning storm that night so Steve and I thought it would be a fantastic idea to stand outside in the storm and try to get a shot of the lightning... because I have reflexes like a cat, and about a brain about the same size! How stupid are we?? And no, I did not get any lightning in any shot!

This guy is PSYCHED that he caught the garter (ISO 6400 / 35mm / 2.8 / 1/60 sec)

And I was pumped to get this shot, it's hilarious! (ISO 6400 / 35mm / 2.8 / 1/40 sec)

I grew about 12 feet in order to reach the disco ball... ;)

This is what Canon users look like holding their flashes!!! OH SNAP!

*all shots posted here are lit with available light


MEG said...

that last picture rocks...that is the perfect way to express what up photogs feel like at the end of the night!
On a serious note...I love the shots of the bride and groom you shot from above and the garter with the flair! Great job Carla!

Travis Flynn said...

Great shot of Miss Elizabeth and Miss Lois. And yes, way to capture Steve's emotion! Jackie and Ben must be very happy with these!

Val McCormick Photography said...

Love, love, love the emotion. The groom with the bride's and mother's hand around him. AWESOME! Thanks for sharing your settings too :-)

lindsay@sixpence said...

Shouts back Carla! We loved working with you and Steve and your photos are spec-tac-U-lar!

Eric Foley said...

I personally love the teal carpet! Especially for the shoes money! Awesome shots from above, you guys blew it up!

Amma said...

these pictures are postively amazing. even though i was in the wedding seeing these images as captured by you and steve brought tears to my eyes. i think i may need to stage a wedding just to have images by you.

STEVE DePINO said...

LOL I look like a mad scientist in that photo :)
All those hours in the Pro Actions lab have changed me :)

Robert J. Trenske said...

Great shots Carla, I love the ceremony shots (the one @ ISO 4000 especially) also the one with the awesome ceiling. Really great stuff!!

Robin Dini Photography said...

they are all so beautiful. such vibrant light and color. the dialogue is exactly what i was talking about this afternoon...that heart of yours is right on your sleeve. love that!

MIKE said...

WOW, Jealous I am!!!! DANG I wish I was there with you guys shooting. AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!

talia@sixpence said...

Hey Carla!!! Amazing pics, you and Steve rocked at Jacky and Ben's! See you soon!

E. Broderick Photography said...

I am in awe of your talent, Carla. Seriously. I look at your stuff and am just blown away. You always shoot the most unique and beautiful images...You need to do a book of your ring shots. And your shoe shots! There are so many pictures here that I loved. The women who said "cheese" is awesome. That gorgeous flower girl. The garter shots, the disco ball. And the play by play is always hilarious. Can I be you when I grow up?

carla ten eyck said...

thanks! We had a lot of fun shooting, glad you guys appreciate what we got...


Benjamin said...

Jacky and I are overwhelmed with the images you took of us. I have shared them with so many people and they are equally impressed. I loved the commentary as well.

laurie said...

as always you rocked out but I will always love the mom dancing with her son..sniff sniff

Salty Grapes Photography said...

Well they are all outstanding, but that one of Miss Lois and Miss Elizabeth gave me chills... gorgeous.