Sunday, June 08, 2008

mike's birthday finale

OK, he actually DOES smile! Here's PROOF

Poor Mike had to work on his birthday, his 31st birthday, actually, not his 37th! He is still a young lad.... he just looks like he's 37!

So of course I had to try and figure out something to not only honor my friend but totally embarrass him as well, because, well, that's how it is! So my awesome couple Charisse and Tom were totally in on it as well and were psyched to bring him pink cupcakes (his favorite) and have everyone sing during their reception!

He SAYS he was onto me, and to his credit he probably was, seeing as he is 5-0 and all, I'll give him that. It's not like it was an unsolved murder or anything, just a friend trying to surprise a friend with some baked goods! Hope your birthday was a good time for you big guy!

All in all, case solved, prize won, Mike was as red as Kate's red wedding shoes (to be seen SOON)

I am BESIDE MYSELF for these two weddings we just shot on Friday and Saturday and can't WAIT to post some stuff! It was such an emotional, crazy fun time and man oh MAN did we rock some sun flare! I know, I know but seriously.

And did I CRY, yes, both days! It was great.... I LOVE MY JOB!!!


Orchard Cove Photography said...

YAY!!!! That is such a cute picture and what an awesome B&G to lend the spotlight to Mike for a little while - LOVE IT!

raw photo design said...

You finally got a shot of him smiling!!

Robin Dini Photography said...

mike doesn't realize how good he's got it! you spoil that boy! classic quote of carla ten eyck though....baked goods....nerd.

MIKE said...

SPOILED, YEAH RIGHT!!!!!! other way around I think RD!! Nice job on the photoshop smile. Good blending technique! It was very awesome of the "B & G" to go along with the surprise. Which I knew was coming BTW, c'mon! I'm not that SLOW..... : O

carla ten eyck said...

Well I hope you caught on, I don't pride myself on my stealth skills as far as cupcake surprises go....OH unless you count the time when I smashed one in your grill at my opening and you didn't see THAT coming!!!!

oh SNAP, yes I went there Mr. Mike! :O