Monday, June 16, 2008

kate + adam wedding at camp bournedale ma

Kate had red wedding shoes. Yes! She did! And did Mike and I love her for it...! So we shot these bad boys to death...they're patent leather! And Red! I put these in the shelf of one of the cabins and used Kubota's 300-esgue from his new Artistic Actions Version Four- bu I did do a little pre-action tweaking in Lightroom (lightened the whites, deepened the blacks and took a little of the yellow out before running my action- also vignetted it in LR)

There were clotheslines is a summer camp after all... so I just knew that would figure into some kind of detail shot, and I really like how this one turned out. Mike has a version of it as well, which I think came out terrific too!

Can't say I have ever shot my girls getting ready in a cabin.... and I LOVED it!

Make a mental note, here is where I first cried- there were many other times! This day was jam packed with emotion you would have to be dead, literally, to not have shed a tear... This is when Kate first saw herself in the mirror after putting on her veil and she realized that she is getting married to Adam TODAY, RIGHT NOW! It was such a quiet and powerful moment and despite the hustle and bustle in the room I felt like it was just her and me, and I was just observing and she was just lost, for a second, in her reflection and her anticipation of what was to come... it was so beautiful

I loved the back of her dress, she can sure rock the sexy back dresses, no?

Kate's Dad at the altar, giving her away, amidst many, many tears

During the ceremony

Kate, Adam and her brother who married them, getting DOWN during the gospel choir interlude... yeah, that's right I said it- GOSPEL CHOIR!!!

Said Gospel Choir, singing their hearts out- they were AMAZING and brought an element to a ceremony that I have not seen before. Despite the intense heat of the day I had CHILLS

Adam double high-fiving after the choir's performance!

Never a more passionate first kiss have I seen before...

...add to it the absolute pandemonium that ensued after their kiss- they were bum rushed by well wishers and family- it was beautiful and incredible and I LOVE this shot I caught of Adam's mother holding her little boy's face in her hands...

One element of post-wedding picture taking that I am adamant about is being able to shoot with my brides and grooms immediately after their ceremony if even for a few minutes- there is no way EVER you can replicate their very newlywedded sheer bliss- it's all over their faces, in their body language, it's everywhere! Kate and Adam were so intense and laughing and crying and kissing.... add to this the light they walked out into and Mike and I were like WHAT???!!! It was incredible

I just love how her veil is blowing to the left of the frame

Can you all appreciate the intensity here? So honest and real and I just LOVE it!

There is something about the backs of people during group and family shots that is very personal and loving- Mike shoots all of the family pictures and I flit around catching these little moments

Like this- Adam's Dad gave him a big smooch after they finished their pictures

And yeah, I got peonies for the THIRD wedding in a row! This time in 'blood red' and I was PUMPED!

Add to that her red shoes and you have some trouble!

During a toast by Adam's Dad they had a nice moment. I lit this with my Calumet Travelite 750's (well one of them anyway) I bring these and shoot with it remotely during toasts and first dances- it adds a nice dramatic side light and also kind of a crazy back light as well. Not the fastest recycle time in the world (if I had to buy new lights for this purpose I would get Alien Bees) but well worth the set up

During their first dance

Their DJ (who was AWESOME!) brought some crazy lights that I loved

And who doesn't love themselves a hora? Come on!!

One of my favorite bride and groom dancing shots, the lights, the tone, the black and white that just scream WEDDING!

There was a post-wedding bonfire and some sparklers.... pretty

Photo booth fun

Congratulations guys.... can't wait for you to come back from your honeymoon so we can catch up!

Make sure to check out Mike's incredible shots HERE!


Jaime said...

We allllll love the hora. Love it!

Orchard Cove Photography said...

What a joy filled amazing beautiful wedding. That moment of her looking in the mirror - it gave ME chills!

Rnormfoto said...

hey - that shot---with all the trees above their heads, and them at the bottom----LOVE IT !!!!!

Robert J. Trenske said...

I totally agree with Rob, I love the trees about their heads, great composition!! Beautiful job Carla!!

Krista Photography said...

Oh, I LOVE that they had a gospel choir!! I was in a gospel choir in high school, and we sang at a wedding - it was so cool. I've always thought maybe I'd do that someday...

The pics are awesome. I adore the photo of him holding her face while he kisses her. Priceless!

STEVE DePINO said...

some buitful portraits here C10!
Also love the soft focus on the image of the vial and back of the dress it gives it a great vintage feel.

nikki nicole photography said...

how aewsome to shott at a summer camp!!!!!

love the light flare photo!!!

MIKE said...

AWESOME JOB, I'm always curious to see what you come with. Great job, even your shoe shot...HAHAHAHAHA

Robin Dini Photography said...

these are so freakin' awesome, i can't say enough about them. the feel of the emotion is crazy. the style of these two folks is awesome. the love is just so vibrant. great job capturing it.

Val McCormick Photography said...

Wow I love your POV of the peonies with a hint of the patent leather! Awesomeness ;-)

Bridget said...

I was there the moment Adam and Kate met. I was unable to go to the wedding - your gorgeous pictures make up for my disappointment at missing the day. You captured everything about them with your camera. Amazing photos. said...

Nice meeting you at the PUG. Love all your ideas you make with the shoes. :)