Thursday, June 19, 2008

more seminar images!

Here are some of the images that I got that I am happiest about from the awesome Michelle Turner seminar I was at this past Monday and Tuesday...

Make sure you check out Mike's shots HERE! That boy never ceases to amaze me with his clever eye and his debonair charm

I tried something that felt a little counterintuitive to this shot- I dramatically toned down the colors of the shot and gave it a cool feel to it.

The whole seminar I really tried to frame shots up in a different way than I normally do- push the envelope a little so to speak- Michelle works really fast and even though we had some time to work with the models on our own it was very, very brief so I had to try stuff fast in order to give the other photographers their time too. It was a lot like a real wedding, actually!

After I shot the image of Karen above, I saw Bobby standing by a puddle holding her veil and I had to grab this shot- I think the black and white makes it very dramatic. I did ask him to stand that way as well, so it is a set up shot

I tried a tighter version of a shot I had been working up of the massive warehouse walls, I wanted to really play on the shapes and symmetry and keep them as far in the corner of the frame as I could get away with. I also really pulled back the colors a lot on this to make it not be so much about the brick (not my favorite thing to shoot against, admittedly, but I rolled with it)

This is the shot that was screaming my name and everyone else's! Very dramatic. Mike got a great version of this that was tighter, he really worked his 85 I think? Which I ran from, I grabbed my 14-24, which seemed the obvious choice, yes, I know but what's a girl to do?? Karen was such a trooper to climb up this wall and stay there while we all shot our hearts out!

This wall was RIDICULOUS. Add to it the sunset and a ball game going on in the distance and it was quite a cool scene!

While walking to another area to shoot I saw the leading lines that these windows were making and had Karen & Bobby stop and get all frisky

Day Two:
We had Heather, a stunner of a gal to shoot alone, which I see as quite a challenge. I love shooting couples and shooting people alone I always find a bit harder. So I was all fired up for this.
So we were headed to Walden to shoot which I have always wanted to go to but on the way we passed this state park / farm / ice cream stand place and did a u-turn in. Am I glad we did! There was a corn field, first and foremost....

Add to that these crazy clouds and my 14-24 mm lens and you have some wide open expansive stuff going on. I love how the corn is still baby corn and you can see over it.

Yeah. She is so exotic looking, right? I love the moody feel to this shot. Add to it Steve Depino's PRO Actions Newsprint, and a texture I shot the day before at the warehouse, plus some Kubota love- starburst vignette and of course digital fill flash and viola!

Here is a different take on the laying in the grass shot that I normally would have shot from above. I said no to myself, politely and then forced myself to think of something new. (thank you Laurie Crutchfield for inspiring me)

When we got around the side of the barn we had asked permission to shoot by and saw this whole scene I was flailing trying to think of a way to incorporate the color, the place but do something that didn't feel so pose-y. This shot was in between poses and I like the kind of natural and organic feel to it

So when I do pose stuff I like it to feel like super fashiony and like WAY posed or the other extreme, look natural and you wouldn't even know it was posed at all. This is clearly not how Heather usually just spends her time, or maybe she does? I like how it incorporates all of the farm elements and color and then this bride.

Now we had stopped after the last shot for an ice cream break and talked to the farmer who brought us on a tour of the cow stalls and let us shoot in it!! It was awesome- I haven't laughed so hard in my LIFE. Now the only issue with that being that cows are easily scared by loud noises so I was laughing inside myself, snorting like a pig and almost wetting my pants! If you scare a cow their reaction is to PROJECTILE POOP AND PEE. Soooo..... Mike ran around with an air horn! No, but boy it was a poop fest and we were dodging some SHYTE! It was hilarious! But well worth it!

This was the scene- I was shooting this, and was crouched down low, trying to behave myself, and just shoot, right? Well there was this other cow right to my right who I did not realize could reach me and he snorted in my ear so LOUD and touched my face with his slobbery whiskers and I about jumped out of my SKIN, but had to be quiet or there would be a chain reaction shit storm! Michelle was laughing so hard I thought she was going to keel over!

I loved the texture in the ceiling of this barn and the light was soft and super pretty. Nevermind that a Bull is trying to eat her dress while I shot this.

I am always a sucker for a bride walking out of a doorway. Always, always always


Erik Maziarz said...

holy awesomeness Batman! these are great. so dramatic. wish i could have been there. i saw Michelle back in April at the Mystic DWF seminar and she was super.

STEVE DePINO said...

WOW...I really love all of these but that top one just sings. Beautiful uses of the environments... amazing job

laurie said...

ROCK IT GIRL!!!!!!!! I love ALL of them.. you guys look like you had a blast you just wait till sept. we are going to jam like grape jelly...ok a little corny but whatever!!

Rnormfoto said...

SHE WAS at DWF---I forgot about that. That side of the building/wall with the old text is SO great! Was it an expensive seminar?

MIKE said...

Awesome Job, Really like the textures you used in the pics. The corn field shots are mint. : )

daniela said...

Great!! I love the photo with the cows..

Orchard Cove Photography said...

You are too funny - your comments are GREAT :) Looks like some fun locations you shot in - were you channeling VT in the cow barn? LOVE it!

I miss you!


Jean Molodetz said...

holy moley! i can't pick a favorite.......all stunning!

dorelies hofer said...

Great, great, awesome great! I love the one Heather lying in the grass - I've to try this!!

Val McCormick Photography said...


face first films said...

wow, wow, wow...the cornfield with the clouds, the low angle shooting down at the 2 rows of cows and my fav that crazy wall with ballgame behind it...great stuff

teresa said...

Amazing!!!!!!! WOW! they r ALL beautiful, but my favorite is the last one. Bellissima!!!!!

teresa said...

Amazing!!!!!!! WOW! they r ALL beautiful, but my favorite is the last one. Bellissima!!!!!

Studio Foto said...

You never cease to AMAZE me, sista!!! I LOVE every really worked those locations and the models. That shot of the cow asses and the bride is freakin' BRILLANT!!! (not to mention hilarious!) I'm going to have to ask Paul if he had experiences with projectile poop when he was a farmer boy way back in the day ; )

Matthew J. Wagner said...

Very Cool. Looks like you had fun. I think you meant Tuesday and Wednesday.

How did it smell in that barn?

Salty Grapes Photography said...

Oh. My. God. I can't see my screen thru the tears, laughing about the scared crapping cows. Projectile, no less. Oh my dear god.

They are all awesome. What amazing locations, colors, and ideas, of course. ;)