Wednesday, August 20, 2008

anniversary shoot slideshow

A little while back Mike and I shot Bob 2.0 and the lovely Mrs. 2.0 (aka Jen) in some farm country n stuff! Well I made a little slide show for the 2.0's- to a song that I think is only fitting since they are true high school sweethearts!!

AWWWWW, right????

Trying to think of that perfect gift for your honey?? Book an anniversary shoot!! They are super fun!!


Bob Sylvia said...

AWESOME!! You did such an amazing job with all of these. Jen says you make her feel like a supermodel. You make us look larger than life. I can't wait to show them to our kids in 30 years and be able to say "See, we were cool when we were young..."

Everyone needs to follow Carla's advice and book an anni shoot! We had such a blast and Carla rocks. Do it now. Don't wait!!!

dorelies said...

Nothing more to say - I already loved the shots on your blog!!
Carla we miss you!

Val McCormick Photography said...

Holy awesome sun flares!!!! Everyone of those shots are so rockin' I am lovin' all the handshots too. AWESOME, AWESOME, AESOME :-)

Robin Dini Photography said...

beautiful! that is one of my favorite shoots you guys have done this summer. beautiful textures and colors. knock out!