Sunday, August 31, 2008

mike, soon to be baby daddy

As many of you know- my boy Mike is expecting the arrival of his little guy this coming Wednesday... and all of us couldn't be more excited for him and Kim!! Now, I LOVE surprises.... and I especially love surprising the self proclaimed unsurpriseable- not to mention that it's just fun to do something nice for someone...! So it was inevitable that I do something for my buddy as he is about to enter into a whole other realm of life as he knows it!

Here are some fun shots from the surprise shower I threw last Thursday for Mike (and Kim but she was in on it!)

Krystal and Robert Norman cut out Aiden Michael's name and we hung it up, I love how it came out- even though I totally spelled his name wrong at first!

They have an alphabet theme and I saw these at Trader Joe's and just KNEW there was something that could be done with them... so viola! Krystal was brilliant enough to figure out how to make the actual necklace five minutes before Mike showed up!

Can you figure out who the two most high strung people were at THIS party?? Miss Amanda Harris Herzberger and Robert Norman were ON MIKE WATCH, like full TIME!

I love how amped up I get right before I scare someone, which is kind of like what this was, Mike thought he was coming over for a maternity shoot- Nikki Nicole and Paul were just as excited!

Miss Robin Dini could not stop laughing- well, to be fair Robert Norman just totally smakced his ginormous head on my ceiling, which I predicted would happen only seconds before he did it! And this only seconds before Mike walked in!!

This is one for the books people- this is what Mike looks like surprised! yeah.

Krystal putting on his baby daddy necklace

I was up till the wee hours of the morning making these fabulous quiches.... thanks hauntie donna!!! I could not have gotten this all done without all of her help and the help of everyone else who showed up early!

Mr. McNerney

Let's let Mike think he is so slick and leave it at that ;)


Amanda Harris trying to straighten out Mike's necklace so she could shoot it with her iphone and blog it, which she did!

Mike is the king of the Timberland sweatshirts and so when I saw a teeny one, well, I HAD to get it! It looks like a super mini Mike and was just the cutest thing

Our fantabulous clients Jen & Nicole sent over a gift- New York style!! jen is the world's biggest Yankees fan!

What's better for a brunch than mimosas in kids cups!!

This was a shot from Amanda's wedding of Mike and Kim that I thought they would enjoy

As Robert Norman would say...'LAWDY!!' Mike and I are cracking up at Dodie's reaction to learning something new. I'll leave it at that!

Poor Dodie!

Robert Norman photo bombing himself

Mike already starting his thank you notes

Krystal grabbed these shots of Kim and Mike

These two were hilarious!

Got any advice for Mike? Post it here!!


Anonymous said...

It seems, you had a great time. To Kim and Mike: Many things will change - but it will be great!!!!!! Good luck to you three. In my minds I'll be with you.

Robin Dini Photography said...

these are so fun! thanks again for hosting us and for letting us play with your camera. i had such a great time visiting with them. I can't believe it's only days away! ah! congrats kim and mike!

Broderick Grant: [+/-] said...

Niiiiice! Congrats man!
Onward and upwards to new beginnings, right?

Carla, awesome shots as always. I love your blog! I'm an official C10E Junkie!

Never stop shooting!

laurie said...

mike and kim
congrats you guys, you will be awesome. some days seem to never end, but enjoy every moment it will fly by!! hope I get to see you guys in a few weeks when I come up!

Erik Maziarz said...

Carla you are officially the best boss in the world!

Advice for Mike??? Don't stay in the room for the epidural or you'll pass out like I did, and stock up on coffee - the strong stuff.

More importantly though, you're in for the best ride of your life. :-) Caroline is already 2 months old and captivates us more and more each day. Good luck guys!

Ginger Murray said...

Looks like a successful party!

I love that nowadays, it's becoming more of a couple thing, and tailored for both the mom and the dad! Why should the dad miss out on the fun??

Orchard Cove Photography said...

Love these - what a fun shower :) And we all learned some new things ;)

MIKE said...

Yes It was such an awesome gift, thank you all for being there, and a special shout out to Carla for throwin a great surprise party. I had a blast and it was nice to just relax and hang out with some awesome people!!!


Mary Marantz said...

looks like an awesome time!! I wish I had some advice for Mike & Kim, but I don't think being a doggie parent counts....right?