Monday, August 18, 2008

jenn + geoff wedding at the gershon fox room in hartford + slideshow

Mike and I started our Saturday wedding at the Gershon Fox Room in Hartford at the Professional Barber Shop on Pratt Street in Hartford- I have to tell you- this was AWESOME!!!! What a way for the guys to do it up! This place was the coolest barber shop and totally catered to the fellas... I HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you gals go set something up for your men folk here, especially those of you getting married in the Hartford area- it was great!

There was plenty of 'manly' reading materials

The hot towel on the face to prep looked like a lot of fun....!

Geoff and his best man Adam in the background getting spiffed up

Jenn and her girls got prettied up at Oggi in downtown- here her Mom watched while Jenn gets her make up done

Some details

Jenn and her Mom trying to decide which necklace to wear with the dress

Geoff and Jenn wrote each other cards to read before they got married, I love when couples do this!

Jenn and her girls were watching people arrive at the church- you could see St. Patrick's from their room

St. Patrck's St. Anthony's in Hartford is so opulent and beautiful

First kiss as husband and wife!

After walking down the aisle we swung around back to hide before being announced back out the front- the confessional is SO beautiful.... I confess.... I had to sneak some shots!

The Shannon's being greeted by friends and family

LOVE this! Both grandomothers snuggling right before their turn for family photos!

They rented a trolley to take them around for our pictures, it was awesome! Of course we had to stop suddenly for a fire truck and I almost busted my CABOOSE on the floor, it was spectacular! Mike was bummed bc he put his camera down for ONE SECOND and missed it!

We went to Elizabeth Park for our formals- this is where Jenn & Geoff got engaged and we go there every Wednesday in the summers for music in the park- so it has a lot of meaning for them. We stopped at the Sunrise Overlook first to get this shot of the bridal party

On our way off the trolley to shoot the rest of our pictures I just had to snag this- the while lines just make this shot for me!

It was wedding craziness on Saturday as you can imagine, the weather was beautiful! So we snuck onto the annual garden where there were NO people and a nice little shady nook to get my boys outta the hot sun!

The ladies had just about had it with their heels, plus we were walking in grass and they were sinking in... so we had to get this

I love how the annual garden changes with the season and really am digging this little arbor in the side area- it was a nice place to photograph the girls

And then the sun started sneaking into our shady little glen and created some really cool stuff for me to shoot-

Love the pop of color in the back and the warm light here

Jenn has such a great shape, Geoff's hands just accentuate her little waist!

And.... flare!

Now what Irish wedding is complete without an Irish Car Bomb shot?? NONE I SAY! Mike and I thought it would be a good idea to both lay down under this- and why was I the one that got stuff dumped on her? Well worth it!!

The look on Jenn's brother's face is just priceless! I think he said 'that was horrible!'

Jenn and Geoff during their first dance- they were so adorable- they sang to each other the entire song!

But at the end they just hugged it out- I love this shot!

Jenn during Adam's heartfelt toast

Geoff and his Mom during their dance framed by his Dad and Jenn- I love that they were standing where they were for this!!

The way he is hugging his Mom just got me- it says 'I love you Mom' so clearly to me!

This was my VERY LAST FRAME of the night- during the last dance- I love it!!!

Congrats Jenn & Geoff!!!! Mike and I had a blast shooting your wedding and rehearsal and can't wait to hear how your bike ride bonanza went!!!

Love you guys!!!! xxxooo
Make sure to check out Mike's shots HERE!!!


Ruby Slippers said...

What a stunning set of photos! I'm loving the ones in the park...and the bluey shot of the dress hanging from underneath. Gorgeous!

dorelies said...

The color of the details is lovely but the towel in the face in the second shot is great and so funny!!

Val McCormick Photography said...

AWESOME CARLA!!! I love how you rock that shot of the them in front of the trolley with the cross walk lines; actually I Love all them. See you Wed :-)

Jennifer said...

we are on our honeymoon but couldn't help but sneak a moment on the internet to see your post -- we love it and we love you! Thanks for being a great friend and an amazing photographer..see you soon...

Wolfgang said...

Nothing more to say. Jennifer said it all. cant wait to see you again!

Travis Flynn said...

I like the creativity with the stained glass reflection. I think this is the first time I've seen it utilized (other than off the floor). Good stuff, Carla!

raw photo design said...


Lunell Troy said...

It takes FOR-EVVVVEEERRR to look at your pictures online here in Ireland(slow connection) but it's always worth the wait. Amazing job!!!

Mary Marantz said...

Awesome shots girlie!!! mmmm the flare is so yummy!!!