Sunday, August 03, 2008

jennifer + paul wedding at the old state house and hartford golf club

Saturday Mike and I shot Jen & Paul's wedding at the Old State House in Hartford and then the reception following at the Hartford Golf Club in West Hartford. It was a day PACKED with shooting opportunities- everything was so beautiful and everyone was so laid back.

**their slide show was just added at the bottom of this post- check it out!

I can get a little obsessed with water and wine glasses and the reflections in them... I just love them- and so does Mike- it becomes a little bit of a race with us to see who notices it first and then who shoots it first and then who is copying who...! ;) (i shot this before mike, by the way! :P )

It's never too early to start marketing to my next bride, right? Check out how big her eyes are looking at Jen's ring!! This is a spread in our guest book from our engagement shoot in Watch Hill

These cutie patootie little shoes were just too much

And then add the best little flower girls dresses and I am DONE! Jen has such great taste!!

Her shoes are so delicate and her dress? Well... let's just say it has POLKA DOTS!! Jen got her dress from The White Dress By The Shore and it was FABULOUS!!

OK, just a disclaimer, I was having a hard time NOT shooting these little ladies... and how could I not? Her glasses have to be the world's cutest

And 'sis' lends a helping hand here by doing up one of the other adorable little ladies

Jen was just so beautiful and radiant and elegant I just wanted to squeeze her all day! But that would have been the opposite of 'unobtrusive', no? ;)

I'm telling you, these little girls just kept giving me these little gems, all the live long day

And then here comes my boy Paulie... he is just wonderful! He's quick to laugh and quick to be emotional and real... you gotta just love that! Here he sees Jen for the first time coming down the aisle...

The flowers were fabulous, I gotta find out who the florist was!

Now the weather was just NUTS all day.. we had torrential downpours while we were at the salon and all we wanted was to have the ceremony on the lawn... I have to say I was a bit disappointed that it was going to be inside...UNTIL... I started shooting and was like WHAT??????

That great big chandelier is SO New England and elegant, I just loved it!

These windows were so great for the natural light that just flooded the room- and gave us great framing opportunities

And the big white columns? Did I mention those?

Jen & Paul look so happy

So the skies cleared up and we were all game to head to one of my favorite spots, Elizabeth Park in Hartford for our formals. I saw this little grove of trees by the rose garden and thought it would be perfect for these little ladies to hang while I shot... they are TOO MUCH!

Right when we got there this guy walks by with his Collie- and Jen and Paul just lit up- it was a very special sign for Jen, her family Collie was very ill and just passed away and this guy was so nice to let us catch some shots of Jen and his dog.

Little flower girls always add a surprising element to group pictures...!

Jen in Elizabeth Park's famous rose was like she belonged there, she looked so timeless and elegant

Jen got this fabulous headpiece from The White Dress By The Shore- it was so beautiful and fit the vintage feel of her dress perfectly


I don't think I could make Jen look more vintage if I tried! Doesn't she look like she stepped back in time?

Paul & Jen get a good laugh during the best man's toast

I just love how Paulie snuggled in with his Mom- and not only during their dance- they are a very affectionate and outwardly loving family and it just melted my heart to see how his Dad was with him right before the ceremony (yes that was when I cried) and then how Paul and his Mom snuggled while other stuff was going on...just makes me have hope that my little guy and I won't ever stop snuggling even when he is towering over me!

This is indeed Paul's sister and her husband having a moment towards the end of the night! (thanks for the phone call...!!!;)

After the last song Paul and Jen thanked their friends and family for such a wonderful few days...

Paul & Jen- we had a great time spending the day with you and your families! Congratulations to you both- I am looking forward to the photo shoots we have lined up and hope you have a relaxing and fun honeymoon!!

Make sure you check out Mike's shots HERE!


Wolfgang said...

Great work as always Carla. I LOVE the one with the little girl looking at the bride holding her hands at the back. I can imagine your face watching that scene and taking the pic. Every one of your picture shows your passion about shooting (weddings)!

Candice @ Jubilee Events said...

Beautiful, gorgeous, unbelievable! The dress is one of my all time favorites (I have an affection for polka dots). The shots were amazing Carla. I LOVE the one with the three flower girls...

Salty Grapes Photography said...

Oh my god... the one of the flower girl looking at the guest book. So flippin' adorable. You have such a gift for capturing emotion... good lord! And I just love reflection shots... amazing. And how CUTE was that dress? Makes me want to window shop there tonight. =D

Rnormfoto said...

Can't say i've ever seen polka dots before---and i LOVE IT!!!

Robin Dini Photography said...

you attract pink! that should be your new pink? hire 10ike! come on...polka dots and adorable little glasses! aaaa-mazing. that collie shot i so precious. what a special moment.

Charlie said...

At the rate he's going Jack will tower over you in a few weeks, not like he has to try too hard, so I'm sure he'll still snuggle.

Great stuff as always, we may have to fly you down for my friends wedding.

dorelies said...

I love the ones of the girls - maybe because I've got three of them at home and I know how excited they can be at weddings. By the way all pics are lovely

Jo said...

These are fabulous!!!!

Robert J. Trenske said...

The shoe shots with the flower girl shoes is great! The water glass shot rocks as well. Awesome job!