Monday, August 25, 2008

first day of school aka carla gets her days back

Well.... so THIS is what it feels like....! Am I an empty- nester? I feel like I have been chasing my tail around for the past two hours, like, 'OH! I have sooooo much free time to work and get stuff DONE! Now, what did I need to do again? Wait! Pay bills! OK, wait! no. I'm thirsty! Get some water! ok, no. no. wait. Answer the phone!Ok, that was good another wedding! OK, stop, now what was I doing? Oh! Oh! call Amanda back! Oh SHOOT my aunt is calling now for Georgie's birthday tomorrow...! SHOOT! I gotta get cupcakes! I better not tell Mike! oh wait- what was I doing? Oh for the love of- who put the 'thong song' in my playlist! Gotta change that! Did I send Daddy-o pictures from their first day yet? Wait I did on my iphone but will he read my blog? I better email him! Shoot! I just knocked over my water!!!

etc. etc.

SHOOT! I gotta blog about their first day before I have to go pick them up! AHH!

Gotta start the day with fresh breath and a sparkling smile!

My monkeys right before we run in for the first day

Iron Man + Hello Kitty = super cuteness

Jack looks a bit nervous as he lines up for first grade this morning!

I always love seeing the artwork and stuff on the wall... I'll bet this gets covered in no time

Georgie's cubby for her Hello Kitty backpack!

Our uniforms changed to just khaki and red- even though I was bitter that I had to go buy a bunch more stuff to replace what I had, I have to say it looks super sharp

The kids give their teacher a thumbs up on their way back from breakfast

The little hands on the rail were just so cute

A fresh start for the year for my monkey girl..... she better get to be the line leader or I am going to be PISSED!!! LOL LOL LOL Although she could be the PRESIDENT of the Dramatic Play Assoc...... :) No idea where she would get that from

So..... who's free for lunch???


Beyond The Lens Photography said...

OMG...Carla...that sounds like a day in the life of ME!!!!! And I thught I was the last ADD adult on the planet. Let's arise and start a support group. Cute shots BTW...what will you do with all that free time?...I'm guessing you'll blog!!!!! :)

Salty Grapes Photography said...

Oh my goodness... the Hello Kitty backpack is as BIG as Georgie! :) HA!!! Super adorable shots... awwww!

Where I can I sign up for Snack Helper? =)

You crack me up.

Brody Grant said...

What great shots! They really tell the story of the nervousness and excitement that is the first day back!
What awesome little ones you have!
Never stop shooting!

Tere @ My Precious Studio said...

holy bejeezus my niece and nephew are SOOO darn adorable!!!! but wait...are they gearing up to be part of the Target army? all that red and khaki!
love love LOVE those 2!!

Tina Parsadanov said...

Sooo cute!!! Congratulations on getting your days back! Our town's Mother's day is Wednesday so I will be calling you for lunch very very soon!!! :) Your cutie pies are adorable; LOVE the picture of them together with Georgie holding the sea creature. Too cute.

E. Broderick Photography said...

How freakin' cute are they?! Love the shots of them holding hands outside. (sniff, sniff) The uniforms are adorable and that shot of the hands on the railing--is that little Jack resting his head in his hands in the bottom of the frame? That is so "Woe is me."

Rnormfoto said...

is he in a Communist China school with them all dressed in red and khaki?

Robin Dini Photography said... did it. you finally moved me to tears. you know i love your wedding work and the beautiful images you capture...but you also know how much of a rock I am. I'm okay up until you post pictures of your kids. I've been good since your mom's slideshow, but this post definitely choked me up. Maybe it's the "teacher" in me that misses being around the classroom this time of year. But that shot of the little hands going up the hand rail, and then the list of jobs...AHHH! piss! thanks for the tears. what a great way to end an inspiring day. OH, and although you may be "tolerant", I am a "storyteller" ooooooooooooh.

Anonymous said...

The first thing my three little gils (well one is already 10!) was the Hello Kitty Schoolbag. Mama I also want to have some!
I can understand your thoughts very well as it seams to be a day in my life. Our first school- and kindergardenday is next monday!

Jean Molodetz said...

Awwwwww.....big brother love on the first day of school. I do miss me some Georgie! And the perfect photographer's swear word "SHOOT!".

laurie said...

OMG your intro sounds like my life...... except insert the droppping off and picking up at 4 seperate times during the day (I should just be a bus driver this year...geez!) Man I can't wait till mine are at the same school and on the same schedule!

Robert J. Trenske said...

These are great!!

Mary Marantz said...

dude!! I was laughing out loud over here at all your adorable ADD-ness. I'm like that NOW and I don't even have kids. oh lordy day!!


Erik Maziarz said...


Val McCormick Photography said...

So you, Daniella and Mary too, AWESOME; glad I'm not the only one! Love all those shots! They are SO ADORABLE!!! So cute to see Georgie's little legs under the backpack. Dang Carla you took me from laughter to tears on this one.

Charlie said...

If we lived in the same house it would be (really weird) like one of those comedy sketches with people running into one door and out another till they collide in a hallway. Of course I also have moments of shut down when I have more synapses firing than I can handle.

Let the littleuns know their cool uncle loves them.

b said...

Lunch? You know you'll be at the Webster caf every day, as a "parent volunteer" just to get free Salisbury steak with gravy and mashed potatoes. You've always loved eating burnt corn on a spork. "If you don't want it, I'll have it!"