Friday, August 29, 2008

my Super sweet sixteen on MTV

...well, not MY super sweet sixteen! Sunday brought the third super intense day of shooting this past weekend for Mike and I. Kiva Sutton asked us to second shoot this 'super sweet' gig with him, and of course we had to say yes!

This party was completely over the top- and a lot of fun as well! I really enjoyed the behind the scenes stuff we got to shoot as MTV was there as well shooting this for their popular show 'My Super Sweet Sixteen.' I have to say I was prepared for Cristina to be the biggest brat, as most of the ladies featured on the show come off as...but Miss Cristina was really actually mellow, poised as all get out for a 16 year old, and not at all bratty. From what I saw- it'll be really interesting to see how MTV spins this! Cristina's family was so nice to work with and Mike, Kiva and I felt really welcome and at home in their home.

Here are some shots from the day!
Cristina's party theme was fashion- so she had models hired to walk a cat walk down for her big introduction. Her house was filled with girls getting crazy make up and hair done for the party

Kiva getting a shot

At one point I looked through the fireplace and saw the paparazzi going to TOWN shooting Cristina- there's Mike, Kiva, and then two MTV shooters all in a row! She was so calm despite being under the glare of so many people shooting her!

Here she goes over the type of make up she wants with her stylist

While Cristina was getting her make up done and before the girls were whisked away to the party we set them up on the very cool reflective upper area of the house and grabbed some VERY quick shots- I like how this turned out

Once Mike and I arrived at the Aquaturf in Southington for the big suaree,we saw these lovely ladies dressed up as NY buildings and the statue of liberty! It was pretty cool!

These two cracked me up- once they found out they were being interviewed for MTV they freaked out!

The clothing designer from the shop hired these guys to act as the paparazzi and shoot everyone that came down the red carpet- they were really fun to work next to and never got in any of the 'real' paparazzi's shots! Which we totally appreciated it ;) You'll see why later....

The red carpet was very thick and comfy to walk on....

The boys changed for the big reveal- into these cute 'fashion police' shirts- I had to get a shot of Mr. Mike in the middle of the police ;) This may be a prime time to spot me and Mike in the show, we were front and center and right with the paparazzi!

Cristina's big entrance amidst confetti and streamers

I love me some disco balls!!! Add these cutie ladies and their fancy shoes? Super fun!

One of the big surprises for Cristina was Adam Saaks, a celebrity designer artist aka 'shirt cutter' who reworks Ed Hardy shirts into works of one of a kind fashion art!

Adam was a BIG hit and I was almost crushed in the rush of people! But I elbowed my way into the front and made sure I was able to get what I needed...!

Adam calls up one of Cristina's girls to get her very own Ed Hardy / Adam Saaks creations

Now there is getting SHUT OUT and there is getting an ASS IN YOUR FACE! I, luckily GOT BOTH! So I had to shoot it! What you DON"T see is her butt crack, thankfully I spared you. I know she is doing her job but goodness gracious!

I find the humor in it, for sure, but then? I find the shot! Who cares if is through her legs? Man I wish Mike got a shot of me shooting this- I am sure it looked like she was giving birth to me!!!

I have to admit that I LOVED the whole documentary feel to everything with the SCADS of cameras literally everywhere! I had to include them in my shots because it was such a big part of what was going on.

What's a super sweet sixteen without fireworks? I had fireworks for jack and Georgie... yeah they were sparklers but they loved them!! ;)

Now, anyone who watches the show KNOWS there is almost always a car involved! Well... Cristina got a car but it wasn't what she wanted AT ALL! I guess they had this family Lincoln that they told her that she would get once she could drive- and they followed up on their promise, much to her dismay! After seeing it she stormed off! It was funny!

Of course, she did NOT get the Lincoln...but a pimped out white BMW 328xi... can I say I was a major fan of this car? Am I allowed? ;)

I just loved the lights all night- I believe Sound Spectrum did them and man, they were AWESOME!!

Make sure you check out Kiva & Mike's shots too!


daria said...

Carla, you are SUCH A ROCKSTAR!!
What an awesome experience.

My favorite was the reflection is amazing!!

Oh, and the ass shot and your caption was hilarious!! Thanks for making me laugh today.

miss you!!


Krista Photography said...

are you KIDDING me?! that party was insane!!!! the photos look awesome, I can't wait to see what it looks like on the show! Please let us know when it comes on!!!!

Eric Foley said...

That reflection shot is PHAT! Love what your doing, looks like you guys brought the house down.

Erik Maziarz said...

how nuts is that?! awesome shots! what a cool opportunity. let us know when the show is going to be aired!

Robin Dini Photography said...

holy freakin' crap! that shot of the girls/reflection is incredible! this looks like it was right up your alley. yummy beemer.

Candice @ Jubilee Events said...

Wow, that car sure beats the 1987 VW Cabrio (whose engine was so loud you could barely hear the radio) I got when I turned 16!!!

Studio Foto said...

You are a ROCKSTAR girlfriend!!! OMG these shots are frickin' amazing!!!!! I can't get over that this was a sweet 16----what a lucky gal she is, especially to have your AWESOME SHOTS to remember it all!!! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that shot of girls with the reflection--it really captures the swankiness of the whole event! SWEET!

MIKE said...

I love my new shirt.

talia@sixpence said...

So Awesome Carla! That was one rockin' party!

R.E.PhotoDesign said...

seriously? seriously... awesome gig

gigiofca said...

I just watched the show and Googled it for some reason I can't remember, but I found your blog. Your shots are a-ma-zing. Super beautiful! You're very, very talented.