Monday, August 11, 2008

melissa + dave wedding at the village at boulder ridge

This past Saturday I had the pleasure of shooting my best friend Dominique's niece Melissa's (and Dave!) wedding at the Village at Boulder Ridge. We had a beautiful day, especially since the last few have been so crazy with the rain and thunderstorms! It was nice to have a sunny day for a change!
So Mike and I started off our day bright and early at Melissa's Mom's house to shoot some details and then meet up at the salon to get her getting her make up and hair done...

The room where Melissa got ready had this wall of cards on it, which struck me the instant I walked in and saw it...and so... I shot it!

I loved the vibrant red of the front doors, and so.... I shot it! But just the edge of the dress, just to change it up a bit

Deb helping Mel get ready for the big day

This shot strikes me as so tender, I love hand holding shots

I scoped out this incredibly lit little hallway nook at the top of the stairs while Mike and I were hanging in the hallway, while everyone got dressed... The light is just magical, I LOVED it

While I was shooting Mel, her step dad Len came out of his room to see what we were up to

Dave brought his motorcycle over for us to shoot them on, and so Mike and I had some fun shooting them!

I was really enjoying the motorcycle- I think it helped them relax as well since they were on something familiar!

There were some tats, in full effect!! I just FREAKED when we saw her... tats AND polka dots? Oh yeah she had on some crazy red heels on too! Very cool!

Mel was cuddling her niece after our shoot and I just could NOT stop shooting this cuddle fest

Mike and I had a good time shooting Dave and his guys, they were a hoot!

Dave's son Dave Jr. and daughter Vanessa as they headed down the aisle

Dave looked SO happy here, I loved it!

The ceremony was the hardest ceremony I have ever had to shoot. Dominique's Dad was supposed to be the officiant but passed away a few months back. It was the first family event that I was at where he would have been, and I felt empty and so sad. Here Dave shows what a supportive husband he is and wipes away Mel's tears.

After I shot this of Dominique I went and sat by her and shot from there. I knew how hard this was for her and her family

And then there were laughs, which we all needed!

Mel right after the ceremony- tell me she doesn't look super happy!

I love this one- Mel hugs her step dad Len and is framed by her Mom and Dad

Mel dancing with her Dad

Then they did a Mel and Len dance to a great song which I have not heard anyone dance to yet- Natalie Merchant's 'Thank You' Loved it!!

So this was my third wedding at the Village of Boulder Ridge and did I mention that it has a zip line and a rock climbing wall?? Yes it DOES!! This guy was afraid of heights and wanted to show his daughter how brave he was!

No one rocks a helmet like my girl Dodie! Just ask Rick!!

Not only is Ray a spectacular dancer but he is a visionary on the zip line! (You're technically not supposed to do that but he sure looks cool!!)

This sweet little moment with Dodie and her son Steven just gets me right there!

I also am a fan of Deb breakin' it DOWN in the crazy lights to Mustang Sally!

At the end of the night the DJ's fired off some crazy string stuff (thank you Mike for being so observant! This is something you would think the DJ's would tell the photographers is coming...right?) Good thing we are quick with our cameras!

My boy Mike shot this of me, I love it!!!

Congrats Mel & Dave!!!!

Make sure you check out my boy Mike's shots HERE


Erik Maziarz said...

geez your dancing and reception shots keep getting more and more kick a**. killer low light stuff with lots of flare and color. awesome.

Kathleen said...
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Robert J. Trenske said...

Great job on those reception shots - the light is incredible. Gotta love the tattoo shots too - and the rock climbing... seems like a fun wedding!

Val McCormick Photography said...

Wow, Killer green light flare shot! I love the shots of the bride in the hall too! Muy bien seƱorita :-)

Eric Foley said...

Was that a rave or a wedding? Reminds me of my clubbin days! Love those last shots, makes me want to get out the glow stix.

dorelies said...

I love the party-shots, as the colors are great!! And the dress with the red door is just as I like it.

Tina Parsadanov said...

These are FANTASTIC! Love the color, the couple, the everything. You really did a great job Carla. I started picking out my favorites but there were too many to list ;)

Salty Grapes Photography said...

Awesome. =) I really really love the one of the two of them on the bike, where she's nuzzling up to him... there's just such a sincerity to it. The other ones are rockin'!!!

Brody Grant said...

Nothing short of AWESOME as always ms. Carla. That second shot of the set is probably one of the best detail shots I've seen if only for the message and simplicity!
There's so many great shots within this set I don't even really know where to begin naming my favorites beyond #2!

Amazing shots Carla!
Brody - Polarity Photo said...

Speechless :)

Robin Dini Photography said...

the blast out white shots...great! love the washed out look. it's such a simple and strong composition.

Ryel j Photography said...

AWe such a beautiful and emotional wedding.

Anne Ueland said...

So great images, fantastic, well done, thanks a lot for inspiration.