Sunday, August 24, 2008

liz + pepsi traditional laotion wedding

So Friday started with Liz getting prepped for her traditional Laotion wedding ceremony- where everything was new for her (and me and Mike, and honestly most of her family as well) It was incredibly interesting for me to see what everything symbolized and how everything meant something.
One of the things I loved the most was the color- there was so much of it and it was just beautiful.

Part of Liz's dressing involved a hairpiece cone kind of thing that fit on top of her head and was then wrapped up in gold jewels. It was so cool to watch the transformation of little blonde bobbed Liz to bejeweled woman!

Here Liz's ladies watch the transformation

The ceremony was held at the Inn at Middletown in a room that had a cool red wall, that just added to the whole feel of everything. Now when i walked into the room and saw these ceremonial centerpieces I just got all kinds of pumped! I love marigolds- and I love color- therefor a = c and I was in HEAVEN here!

Some very colorful details!

Hands played a MAJOR part of the ceremony- there were these lengths of string attached to the centerpieces that everyone was holding between their hands while the officiant chanted his prayers for Liz & Pepsi- everyone was interconnected, all of the strings were attached to everyone

Liz and Pepsi had to feed each other an egg (I would love to know the symbolism of this) and then do a shot of whisky! I was jealous, I love eggs and shots!

After the prayers, everyone gets the opportunity to, while tying a string bracelet around Liz & Pepsi's wrists, bless them and wish them well in their marraige. They then go around to everyone in both families and it's kind of like a well-wishing free for all. Here Liz's father blesses Pepsi's father

These kind of looked like knitting needles and held all of the bracelets on them

Liz's father blesses her

Now at one point while Liz gets blessed by everyone she has to hold a shot of whisky, an egg and another object- rice I think? in one hand

Liz and Pepsi both were overwhelmed with emotion during this ceremony, it was very emotional. Of course I was sitting next to them and was just overcome as well, it was so moving

Before tying it you have to brush it across their wrists three times while blessing them, then tie it and bless them

At another point everyone has to touch the centerpieces, palms up, while they pray

Here they honor their parents and families

A detail of the many strings

Did I mention the Hennesey? After dinner Liz and Pepsi had to go around to EVERY guest and offer them a shot, which you are not allowed to refuse. Yes, even Mike and I had to get our drink on, we wouldn't want to offend! ;)

Pepsi's grandmother made herself at home by a window during dinner, and looked so beautiful sitting there

At the end of the ceremony they thanked everyone for supporting them and being there


Jaime said...

Who doesn't love a good shot of whiskey with egg? Great stuff as usual. What a beautiful ceremony.

Anonymous said...

Great colors and lovely shots. But I've to confess, that I've never heard of a laotion wedding!

Cathy and David Photography said...

I too have never seen a Laotian wedding. What an amazing ceremony---I love the colors!!! Great job!!!

Robin Dini Photography said...

HOLE-E COW! that is incredible amazing! now i want to know what the egg means! beautiful job!

Tere @ My Precious Studio said...

what a feast for you! all the hand details! and whiskey! love all the string and blessings and color.
beautiful wedding! said...

I love the details, the centerpieces are amazing. You did an amazing work!! Can't wait for super Tuesday for you to show me all ur tips :)

Erik Maziarz said...

so cool! the colors are all so rich and vibrant. what an amazing culture. i love every shot, but have to give you special props for the shot of the smoking candle!

Brody Grant said...

I swear to you, every time I stop by this blog I'm picking my jaw up off the floor.

Carla, you're amazing. Never stop shooting!

E. Broderick Photography said...

I second Brody. Crazy!

This wedding was so visually stimulating with all of the colors and details. It looks very emotional and I love all of the symbolism and meaning and booze--just kidding about the booze part! But if my husband sees this he's gonna be like, "Ya mean I couldv'e had a hard-boiled egg and a shot at the altar? Damn!"

Love the shot of the candle's smoke and the grandmother by the window. Plus pretty much all of the others!