Wednesday, August 13, 2008

jessica + eric e shoot hartford syle

If being the subjects of an engagement shoot were an olympic sport, Jessica & Eric would medal, I SWEAR! These two were so spot on, it made our experience unusually quiet (because I had like, ZERO need to direct them!) Except for the times when I would say 'PERFECT!!' Or, 'You guys are doing exactly what I would have asked you to do!'
So we started off at Union Station in Hartford, which, oddly enough I had never shot at before. We were lucky enough to have not one but TWO trains roll through and Jessica & Eric were so responsive to my yells of 'Heads UP! Train coming, go sit there and MAKE OUT!' It almost threw me off! They didn't even hesitate! And even though Jessica's feet were what appeared to be mere inches from a giant speeding train, she still smiled and cuddled with Eric like she was just chillin' in a field of wildflowers!

My girl brought some super cool shoes and had plenty of outfits to choose from... I always have fun with changing it up! And she didn't flinch at having to change in the crusty train station bathroom- she is such a trooper!

My boy Mike, getting all familiar with the train platform

On the platform there is this weird little chain link cage- which try as I may cannot for the LIFE of me figure out what it is for.... and so? I Shoot it! Eric & Jess were spot on here, it was all kinds of steamy!

Train number TWO rolls in, and we commence shooting

When the train came to a stop, these two were so bold, they just used it as a prop! The conductor was standing there watching and I can't believe that he didn't tell us to step back or anything....

Eric loves the Red Sox and Jessica loves the Yankees

They had fun in the grass

So on our way out of Bushnell Park Mike sees this bootleg little tunnel and says he wants to get them in there.... I'd say good call Mr. Romano! From this end, I exposed it in a way to make it very dramatic

But then we brought them down to our end where it was very beautifully lit and just had them cuddle and I just LOVE these shots! ONe of the things that I love about them is that we could be ANYWHERE, but these images are just about THEM, and their hands, and their snuggling

This theory of mine applies to wedding venues as well... it doesn't matter if I am in the most high end place or in someone's backyard (which could still be high end but you know what I'm saying) I am going to get the best image I can out of it, especially if the area isn't working for me!

This one is for you, Dorelies! ;) I had this in my original post line-up but was in such a hurry I overlooked it!! Isn't she beautiful??

So originally I had wanted to take these guys to a carnival of some type but I didn't end up finding one that fit the bill (they were mostly 4-H type fairs) not to mention that it was supposed to rain at some point and we didn't want to get caught in the rain... although Jess and I were so game for some shots if we did!! So we went around Hartford and I tried to focus on spots that I have not shot in before to change it up for myself a bit. So we go to the convention center parking garage roof top to see if we can shoot the crazy clouds- I didn't really get what I had in mind but I did like this little surprise of color!

And then in the garage itself, I really liked the dramatic lighting (a Mike Romano favorite) and overall moodiness of this

We wanted to pop into Crush, this cool nightclub that I have shot in before, but with brides... but not an e shoot.... but the hotel guy put the cabash on that! So, we shot in the lounge area by the Starbucks. I really love these next few images ALOT!!

Thank you Jessica and Eric for being open to our safari and just going with the flow! Mike and I had a blast and can't wait for the wedding next May!!

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Robin Dini Photography said...

ooooooooh! i love these! the train station is such a great location! but of course, I'm loving the shot of the two ball caps. very creative capture on that. love the plaid seduction baby! whoop woop!

laurie said...

you dare devil so how about in october I get to chase a bride and groom away from the reception on a boat. crazy!!!

dorelies said...

the shots at the station are great and it shows that you can shoot nearly everywhere, it is just how to do. But I have to say I'm missing to see the face of jessica, I think she must be really pretty!

Erik Maziarz said...

wowzers . . . they're all great as usual, but those last few shots are damn sexy. and some of your compositions (like the ball caps shot) are just money.

Salty Grapes Photography said...

Love love love the train shots... just an awesome location. And yeah - they have some mighty good, might steamy chemistry! =) WOW!

nikki nicole photography said...

ohhhhhhh #15 is my fav!!!! it is so sexy the mear small of the back show hot!!!!!!

oh and #1 is a fav!

carla ten eyck said...

Dorelies, I added a pic of her face just for you!! ;)

dorelies said...

Thank's a lot, she is fair and beautiful!!!!! Lovely!!!!!

Mary Marantz said...

dang girl! those train shots are S-E-X-Y!!! and that hand holding behind her back shot. WHOOOO!!! It's suddenly very warm in here! You amaze me!


Ryel j Photography said...

What a steamy session... and I loved it!!

MIKE said...

Great job Carla, its always interesting to see what different ways we see things. : )

Soon to be Mrs. Ponticelli said...

The pictures are beyond amazing, Eric and I had so much fun with you guys! Remember if you ever need couples to try new things we are ready and waiting! Again can't thank you enough :o)