Friday, August 22, 2008

Rediscovery Workshop Part Deux! IS BOOKED FOR OCTOBER

**October's workshop is booked already, which is great but I wanted to remind people that I am doing this EVERY MONTH on the first Tuesday and I have spots open in November!

OK, I am FINALLY catching my breath enough to announce that I am going to start something that I have been wanting to implement since my last work shop in March- the SECOND workshop in a series of monthly workshops (the first Tuesday of each month) right here at my studio in Hartford, Connecticut, hosted by yours truly.



Starting Tuesday October 7, 2008

Now here is the scoop:

I love teaching and I love inspiring people and I love kicking people's creative juices into gear and getting them going where they want to go with their photography!

My Rediscovery Workshop in March made me realize how much helping others makes me feel fulfilled. I want to continue that, but on a much smaller scale, class-wise.

So.... I have decided to offer a full day shooting and post-production intensive workshop that is limited to only THREE photographers per class.

Here is what we will cover:

We are going to SHOOT!

The focus will be on portraits- they can be bridal or engagement- the point being it has to be a solid portrait, which you can then apply to whatever you love shooting.

But: we are going to focus on GETTING IT RIGHT IN CAMERA, the first time! That's right! No shooting and then saying, 'well, what if you asked them to look this way- your shot would be perfect', or 'I wish that you had opened your lens up more' etc. NO.
Set it up.
Shoot it.
Is it working?

And then..... learn how to MAKE IT WORK!

I know, I know, there is a whole lotta shouting going on here.... but I get excited just typing this stuff alone here in my studio! Wait till I get you with me!!

After our shoot we will focus on post-production- how to take your shot to the next level because it doesn't stop at tripping your shutter.

Lunch is included.

What you will need:

Your gear- whatever you have to shoot with, bring it! Have a lens you love but rarely get to break it out? Bring it! Find you are always using one lens over the other? Let's switch it up!

A computer is great to bring, I have some as well to share.

All of this shouting, lunch and butt kicking for only $350 per person!!

So.... what are you waiting for??

Send me an email at to sign up

This class is for ALL levels, not just pros!


Soon to be Mrs. Ponticelli said...

If you are in need of a couple you can always call me up :o) lol

Mary Marantz said...

this is AWESOME!! You are so inspiring and I know you've helped soooo many people already!! Whoever is lucky enough to get into your first class is in for something life changing!! I'm so proud of you!!!!!!!!


Garrett McGuinness said...

hi...I'm interested in coming to your "Rediscovery Workshop". Been checking out your blog for a little while now and I love what your are doing. I found yours through Steve DePino's, found his through Cut Frame, and found Cut Frame in Rangefinder(I think). Anyway, gonna have to make sure that day is clear before I commit...I'll send you an e-mail asap to confirm. said...

What? I have to book the class now for October 7th !! You're worst than my daughters Dr. Appt. - Anyway, what's for Lunch ?? (don't disappoint me or I'll bring the guacamole) :) - SUPER Tuesday ah, its on my calendar.

Val McCormick Photography said...

Man, I should of been the first to post but I was at a shooting today. I am so in for October 7th. YAY, I CANT WAIT, Coach Carla :-)
BTW, I have a coupon code "Guacamole" ;-)

Val McCormick Photography said...

OOOps I meant to say I was shooting not at a shooting

Robin Dini Photography said...

right on sister!

Orchard Cove Photography said...

So proud of you - spread the love :)

laurie said...

yyyyeeeeaaaaahhhhh carla and to think I was your first..hehe! Can't wait to see you in a few weeks..u picking me up at the airport?

Salty Grapes Photography said...

Wahhhhh... darn full time, non-photography-related DAY JOB!!!! =( Booooo! It sounds WONDERFUL... and right up my alley. (Do you know I delayed my very first day at my new job to come to the original Rediscovery? LOL... I told them I had to start on Tuesday, no ifs ands or buts.)