Thursday, November 13, 2008

erica and paul wedding at the farmington club

Insert melancholy music this was our 'official' end of the season of all season's this past Saturday! But what a way to go OUT!! I can't tell you how much fun we had- let me back track here....

***flashback to Thursday night***** or more like to the early 90's...imagine I am wearing a flannel shirt, a baseball hat, and thinking I am REALLY REALLY COOL!***

location: RIT campus- I meet one of the funniest coolest friends that I am lucky enough to still call one of my top friends in the WORLD! Sister O aka Jaime Oppenheimer, photojournalist extraordinaire (she works for the Wichita Eagle in Kansas). Talented, hilarious, and she plays the drums in a cajun band called the MUDBUGS! Yeah, that's right! Her drum kit is PINK!

****flash forward to Thursday night**** imagine I am wearing ill fitting jeans and a stained shirt and thinking that I am REALLY REALLY COOL!! ***

Miss Jaime flew in to spend some QT with her girl and to accompany me and Mike on our final wedding wrap up weekend of 2008! We had Erica & Paul on Saturday and then turned right back around and did it again and second shot with Miss Amanda Harris Herzberger in Branford on Sunday! More on THAT later! ;)

And so our journey to the end begins here....

At the salon....

Do you all think he looks this good without TRYING??? Way to make an effort big guy :)

I knew I was in for it when these two HOO HA'S hit it off so nicely....OY! Enter: Jaime O! aka Jaime uh-OH

Here Mike and I demonstrate our VERY UNOBTRUSIVE NATURE. We are like NINJAS AS YOU HAVE NEVER SEEN BEFORE. She doesn't even know we are THERE!!

Jaime snagged these fun shots of us- thanks sister!

What? You think THREE photographers is too much!?

Mr. Romano grabbed this one- and I am McLovin' the photobombing stylings of Miss Jaime o! But my gear looks HAWT!


Erica had her makeup done at home by her super talented bridesmaid- but then again Erica is one of those girls who doesn't really even need any makeup to begin with!

Between the three of us (me, Jaime and Mike) we had a super idea for the dress shot- I took this angle of it as it hung in the doorway to the bathroom, being backlit by my trusty video light! I LOVE MY VIDEO LIGHT! (insert Mike's snickering here)

I always kind of hope for the 'dive' way of putting on the dress- it doesn't happen all that often what with the veils and hairdos to worry about but Miss Erica went for it!

Love this of her going up the stairs...

Paul is a big joker and was constantly mugging for Mike, who is also a big joker. SOMEONE had to be serious and work...and so I gracefully accepted the job!

For this last wedding Mike and I changed it up and I got to hang back in the backstage VIP area and catch these nice moments... Here is Erica's sister right before she goes down the aisle

I always love how nervous the Dads get right before

Erica just puts it out there and I love it! She looks so pumped!

Since Mike took the lead on the processional I shot this a little differently and went really really wide- I love how these next two worked out!

Now in my defense there was ALOT going on in the background- so since I am a shorty I asked these kind gentlemen to squat and I got HECKLED like CRAZY! They were throwin' phrases out like 'prom pose from 1988' at me! OH SNAP! Right? But I love how this came out


The bridal party were such great sports and let Mike and I handcuff them ALL to each other!!

Enter...BRIGHT IDEA NUMBER 563! It had been raining all day and I thought it would be a fabulous idea to lie down in the middle of their handcuff circle...Jaime got video of this which I cannot wait to see!

SAUCY!! Erica's expression cracks me UP

Marriage is quite the commitment!

They were really such good sports- I think they may just win the good sportsmanship award for 2008.....

I mean, it's almost as if they are not even handcuffed! They look so happy! Wait. I think they weren't at this point...!

We stopped on the way to the Farmington Club at Miss Porter's and shot at this really cool was raining and almost totally dark- Jaime was like- HOW are you guys going to shoot this?? And I am like (say it with me now) HAVE YOU MET MY LITTLE FRIEND, THE D3?? oh and her date for the evening....MY VIDEO LIGHT!!!

They were so pumped to shoot this with us!!

My favorite of the video light series....the color just makes me feel all warm inside!

This was a happy discovery- credit to Jaime O! She was the video light lady and was all OOOOOOO! When she saw this- and so Mike and I gracefully take all of the glory!

Gettin' DOWN after they were announced in

And then snuggling in during their first dance

Erica's Dad was so emotional and cute, I just wanted to squeeze him!

Always a favorite of boy Paul here- he is so awesome!

The emotion, the light...what a nice moment during Paul's brother's toast. It was very emotional and touching to hear.

Speaking of emotional and touching

What a way to end the night! Their band, the Marc Philip Band out of Rhode Island was OFF THE HOOK!

Paul and Erica- I could not think of a better way to have ended our season- you two are something else and I CAN'T WAIT to hang out again!!


Enjoy Hawaii :)

Make sure you check out Mike's shots HERE, well, eventually anyway....he is a little BACK BLOGGED LOL LOL LOL you know you like my nerd blogging know you laughed...


Jaime said...

Good times! Thanks for everything. Oh, and the photos are unfreakin' believable.

Robin Dini Photography said...

looooooove this wedding! you kids are hysterical! come on, that first shot of mike is a freakin' riot! beautiful as always :)

Tina Parsadanov said...

Oh wow, these are all so great! Love the way the images came out with the video light. My favorite is them kissing with handcuffs of ;)

Shannon said...

You are SO like NINJAS! I wouldn't have even noticed you were in the picture if you hadn't pointed it out lol! Love the handcuffs and the pictures in the woods! AWESOME FREAKING JOB!!!

Erik Maziarz said...

hmmm . . . i wonder who hooked you up with all of those handcuffs. :-) KILLER video light awesomeness! and STUNNING processional shots. love 'em all!

Mary Marantz said...

ooh that shot of the dive in the mirror is KILLA!! here's to an awesome 2008 season!!

Calypso said...

I came to your blog via another person's blog (Broderick Grant). Your photography is FABULOUS. Any aspiring wedding photographer needs to see your beautiful work. It is SO inspirational!! I wish my sister had you shoot her wedding instead of the DWEEB who did. Every shot was...well, BORING. Yours are so ALIVE. I am NOT a pro photographer, but I do love trying, and I know GOOD WORK when I see it.

Kudos to you!! Keep on bloggin'.