Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Goodwin Hotel is closing its doors Jan 1!

To say I am sad is an understatement! For several reasons- The Goodwin Hotel is a Hartford landmark, it is a beautiful architectural treasure and it is steeped in Hartford history and tradition. It's where all the ro0ck stars go to sleep when they come for a concert at the Civic Center for crying out loud! There's the secret tunnel they get to go through so they don't get mobbed that links direct to the backstage area!

Sad, sad, SAD.

OK, so you have a wedding coming up there? (I had several that had to find alternate venues) Here are some ideas for you to look into:

One of my favorites: The Gershon Fox Room in Hartford on Main Street- beautifully styled elegance

Another fave: The Bond Ballroom in Hartford- sweeping views of Hartford's Capitol building and downtown area with incredible sunset light the just pours in through the giant windows...and the chandelier? WOW!

The Old State House (pictured below) on Main Street- is great for ceremonies and for the reception- black and white floors and giant brass chandeliers with those stately columns...Plus at night the windows afford you quite the view of downtown Hartford all lit up! (I am working on getting updated contact info for you!)

The Bushnell! Can you get any more dramatic? I CAN! Book it, and then hire me!

The Pond House in Elizabeth Park in West Hartford- can you GET any closer to the famous rose garden? Not to mention they put on quite the show for you, impeccably decorated and serviced

The Society Room in Hartford on Pratt street- used to be the old Joe Black's but is a brand new place- run by the same people who run the River House in Haddam- with the entire space being dedicated to your wedding or event. Dana is who you want to speak with here!

The Hartford Club
: I think you have to be a member but it's right by the new Riverfront and the Atheneum!

The Wadsworth Atheneum
- surround yourself with priceless works of art right in the heart of downtown

Here's a new one for me: On 20- used to be the Polytechnic Club on the 20th floor on State Street in Hartford. Looks like a fabulous restaurant! I found that the Polytechnic Club used to host weddings and rehearsals and I called to see if they do weddings. And they DO! Michele Cormier, their event coordinator said they do weddings and a whole lot of rehearsal dinners as well- so give her a call and check it out!

I'll add more to this as I get more info!


Rnormfoto said...

...sup with that?

Robin Dini Photography said...

I just read about this on RE's blog. What a shame! Very informative post from your friendly Hartford photographer back to you! :)

Victoria said...

What???? That is so sad ; (

Candice @ Jubilee Events said...

So bummed about it. I put up a post earlier today letting brides know I'd be happy to help stear them in another direction. I'm glad that they are honoring the deposits but I am SO sad to see the hotel close. There isn't another like it in the area and it will be missed!

Val McCormick Photography said...

Thanks for mentioning that to me. I double checked all my wedding contracts and none are scheduled there. So sad. Such an informative blog....

I will continue to blog stalk ;-)

Rick O said...

I heard this from someone a few weeks back, but didn't know if it was just hear-say (is that how you speel that! :o) I grew up in the Southend - all of Hartford looks so much different than it did 25 years ago... Thanks for the outstanding suggestions..

lindsay@sixpence said...

I know, such a bummer. You don't have to be a member either to get married at the Hartford Club, which is superb!