Monday, November 24, 2008

sarah + joe wedding at the woodwinds

So OK, here is my last, and FINAL wedding for 2008- but as a second shooter for the lovely and genteel Mrs. Amanda Harris Herzberger of Orchard Cove Photography fame! Amanda and I started out our seasons together, ironically enough- back in February I guest shot with her at The Hartford Club on a snowy winter day and came full circle to end my season with her in November at the Woodwinds in Branford!
Amanda's clients, Sarah and Joe were two of the nicest people- they were so welcoming of not only me but of MY company for the weekend, Miss Jamie O from Wichita way! Their groomsmen kept us all limoncello LAUGHING our BUTTS off- and they sported the absolute coolest black vintage Caddy I have yet to lay my lens was SWEET! And provided me with the best backdrop ever for some details!

Mrs. Herzberger was ALL over the place, there may as well have been two of her!

The crazy colors and light in this shot make me feel all warm inside!

Once I saw this beauty pull up....well GAME OVER! I had already shot the details at Sarah's house but it was do-over time for C 10ike! The reflections and chrome just provided an endless canvas for was heaven!

One of my favorite brides and ladies of all time, Mrs. Jeff Reilly- had these same shoes, and I loved them then and I loved them now!!! Those bows? COME ON!

And how can I not work the hoo ha on top? What's that called? The hood ornament?

Sister O- working a detail shot of our boy, MIKEY! This guy was off the hook! He was so helpful and sweet, he was basically everyone's go-to guy for the day- if you didn't know where someone was, or needed something? CALL MIKEY!

That baby was so shiny I had to rock some reflection action of the boys

Hands, buttons, circles of confusion... so pretty!

Not tying to work the rear view mirror in a convertible would be against the rules!!

The snuggle factor here is high and I vote yes- the detail & reflections on the leather seats is pretty mint too

Showing a little c 10 ike love here- me, lens flare, colorful flowers and a cooperative groomsman!

The look on her face right as she rounds the corner and sees Joe! AND YES, they JUST SAW EACH OTHER LIKE 10 MINUTES AGO FOR THEIR FIRST LOOK SESSION!!! See? It's still a magical and powerful moment, regardless of if you see each other before! ;)

The color behind them was just mesmerizing and tied in the bridesmaids bouquet nicely

I am loving how everyone is laughing here

The light here was incredible and I am still pumped that we were able to shoot this outside on a NOVERMBER day!! WOW!

The cute factor at this wedding was OUT OF CONTROL!!

Sister O and I working on some crazy flash techniques

I love this angle of the toast- and I love expressive couples even more!

This guy when he laughs? Is SO adorable!

Thank you Amanda for having me along and thank you Sarah, Joe and your families for such a fantastic time!!


Eric Foley said...

You guys did an awesome job as always. Love the ring shot, way cool:)

e. broderick photography said...

Yowza! so many great shots. Love the dress. And the details on the Caddie. But--their reflection in the rearview mirror with their heads in the foreground? SICK!!! Love it. Looks like a fun couple--I bet you all had a blast.

Jaime said...

Ahhhh, Limoncello shots. Good times. Miss you.

Val McCormick Photography said...

Awesome job! The dress shot and colors WOW. You totally rocked out that Caddie! I LOVE all the reflections and how you captured the fall colors.

C10 - Rocks!!!

Orchard Cove Photography said...

Beautiful job my friend - it was so fun having you along. Cadillacs + limoncello = good times :) xxoo

Andi Walpurgis said...

great job as the shot of the shoes...your to love the bows...