Thursday, November 06, 2008

ten eyck tuesday was a train wreck!

Well... not really!!! This past workshop we had the absolute pleasure of shooting my buddy Val McCormick and her husband Jack, who is a real life train engineer! In my house that is like celebrity status to my little guy Jack, who is a super train stalker enthusiast to say the least!
Meet the class.... of November 2008!!
Miss Katie Slater is like the yogi ninja QUEEN- she's UP she's DOWN- and man was she fun to shoot while she was shooting!

Miss Nikki Nicole was cracking me up all day and really working her wide angle!

Here we have Miss Sarah McCoy- who was banned from using her flash and really rocked her shots all day!

While shooting the train cars that were parked a switcher engine came by and we were lucky enough to be able to grab some shots! You like how I know what it's called, right?

Well our luck certainly didn't last long!! Check out the FUZZ on the left! Someone saw us there and called 5-0 on us! But we were allowed to be there because we had the proper person with us, I certainly would not advise going here on your own!! Check out Jack and Val's smirks!

While Jack was dealing with the po-po, Val was working it for us! And she was getting all mouthy- I had to advise her to SHHHH so we didn't all end up in the slammer for the night!! ;)

So we used Val's annoyance with authority to our advantage, look how HOT she is!!!!

So we decided to leave the train yard and go someplace with less security issues... so we sashayed over to the UCONN Law School, which is right down the street from my studio to work our intimate portraits. I love being able to work a shot like this ANYWHERE- and so I demonstrated this in a parking lot behind the school.

This is where we were- just to give you an idea. I had them sit - in general this shot works best when I am higher than them- and viola!

Here is Miss Nikki getting her shot- she got a great one from this series!

Here the ladies switch up their perspective

So looking around the Law School proved to be a little over visually stimulating so I showed the ladies how to simplify their shots with just a little pop of color- I slapped my 85mm 1.4, and shot this wide open in front of a bright red bush. The color combo was a little risky- with the pink of Val's shirt and the red of the bush- some people may not like that but Val and I? Bring it ON!! Us Mexican Ladies love that color combo!!

Miss Val, she was so much fun to work with and is SO photogenic!!!!

Jack was a blast to shoot! He's not angry here, I swear!

Gotta have at least ONE participant in a hoodie! Here is Miss Nikki hamming it up for me!

Sarah McCoy being all...McCoy with me ;)

And Katie? Let's just say she kept us roaring with laughter!!


Val McCormick Photography said...

Yey, that was so entertaining to read. Love that intimate portrait! Words could never express I much I appreciate you giving me this experience. Jack and I have never had our pictures professionally done sad but true. On our wedding day our photographer friends' camera broke and there was no back-up since they traveled so far for us :-( We both had a blast and still talk about how funny/crazy that day was. Let's just say it was an unforgettable experience.

I want to go out one day and shoot Jack and all his hotness. I'll let you know when in case you want to come and bring Jack along :-)

P.S. Let me know if you ever want me to rock bright pink again, lol.

P.S.S. I didn't get a shot of the burritos but they were yum, yum, yum, yum, DELICIOSO!!!!

Katie Slater said...

I am rockin' that big ole' FP!!! Go me!! :) Ugh....

Carla (and girls) I had so much fun with you guys - what a great experience!! If anyone out there is considering Ten Eyck Tuesdays - go for it, you have nothing to lose...and everything to gain. As a "newer" photographer it really helped me flesh out my strengths, but most importantly my I know what I need to build upon to continue growing in the right direction!!

Carla - you're the BEST!!! :)

Robin Dini Photography said...

these are beautiful! I'm hooked on your workshops :)

Eric Foley said...

SMOKING HOT GUYS! Awesome look Val, so sultry, very nice.

E. Broderick Photography said...

Love these! Couldn't wait to see who your next models would be. VAL!!! You are one HOT mama! I already knew that, of course. You really are super photogenic. That one close up shot when you two are sitting on the curb is lovely. Make that one a huge canvas, would ya?

Love the train yard shots, too. And your bad-ass face when the cops came! It was fun to see Jack as well. you make a gorgeous couple!

Tina Parsadanov said...

Nice session! Sounds like you all had a blast and I'm so jealous! ;) Love the sepia one of val and jack, just gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Great job of great ladies!! Love the one nikki nicole is shooting in boots miss val - she is just without socks. the view of the first shot is awesome.

Jo said...

Wow! What fun! And Val looks amazing!

Charlie said...

You photography hoodlums are worse than the damn skate punks! Get outta here before I take you all in for trespassing!

.E. said...

Love your work.. found it through Mary and Justins site.. and the glowing reviews of you I just had to come on over and see for myself.. I will be back for sure to have a good look through..