Wednesday, November 26, 2008

dan + beth e shoot = ten eyck times TWO

Yeah, you heard me right! TEN EYCK times TWO! See, Mr. Daniel is my brother in law, aka Mr. Dan Ten Eyck.

I have known Dan for going on about 11 years and have seen him grow and change into quite the hilarious young man. Dan is about 8 years younger than my husband Dave, so it's been fun re-living some things vicariously through Dan- but I won't divulge what, exactly!

So when Dan met Beth- well, we all held our breath for a few reasons- I SO wanted her to be the lady for my brother, the one that would be there for him through our crazy family dinners, to help me gang up on Dan and Dave's dad, and to just fit seamlessly into our close and loving nutty Ten Eyck family- and to NOT be just 'the girl friend' who kind of lurked around in the background, on the peripheral of what was going on and not ever really engaging in our life. To be honest, I have had my fill of those ladies, no offense Dan!

Enter: Beth

She is a force to be reckoned with. A woman who knows more about organized sports that any and every member of the Ten Eyck family combined- which is not really a feat in and of itself since we don't know squat- but maybe even more than most MEN, in general! She is a BIG football fan, used to drive a bright yellow Mustang and had a mouth that would make a sailor blush! She is cynical, and sarcastic, and FUNNY as all get out- and mouthy and a shit talker and she can back it UP!

All said and done? I LOVE HER!!!!

Even better? I LOVE THEM TOGETHER even MORE, if that is possible.

They make me laugh so hard that I almost pee in my pants, like every time I see them. When Mike and I showed up to do their shoot, I warned him- I said- 'Dude, he is NOTHING like Dave' He had no idea what I meant then, but after meeting them he just kept looking at me with the funniest expression on his face during our whole shoot. We both had a hard time not laughing and just shooting

Dan didn't stop talking the entire time, mostly he was ball busting, since my family doesn't really ever see me like, actually working in my element. So I say this to you, my favorite Ten Eyck brother in law- put this in your pipe and SMOKE IT!

Yes, that's a weekly menu up there on their chalkboard. CRAZY MAC AND CHEESE HOTDOG HOO HA! I'm coming back over for dinner next time that's on the menu :)

I don't know about you, but I ALWAYS hang out on my dining room table

Love Dan's fancy boots

I was going for the whole ET look here- see they LOVE toys and have quite a collection going on. But mostly I love Dan's expression here, it's hilarious!

A rare quiet moment with these two

See Mimi? I told you I would get a nice shot of your Danny! :)

Who'd have thunk that hanging out in front of your shed that REEKED of gasoline with some java could be so fun!

I just knew that I would be doing some ring shots on some robots- Dan has quite the collection of Robot toys

This series is pretty fun, I love Dan's smile in these and Beth's look in the last two

They love themselves some Guitar Hero and are all serious about it! I could barely shoot them during this bc they were concentrating so hard! NERDS!!!

Check out Beth's shirt

I can't wait for their wedding, not only because it's their wedding but because they are getting married where Dave and I did- at the Groton Long Point Yacht Club- and I have never shot there!

I love you guys!! And I am bummed that I am going to miss you both tomorrow :(



Robin Dini Photography said...

this shoot rocks! i love it!

Anonymous said...

It's always great to see the love and emotions in the pics. Best wishes and love for their future.

Soon to be Mrs. Ponticelli said...

I love the "Green Acres" reference in front of the house great shot Carla!!!

e. broderick photography said...

So fun! I love the shot of the kiss in front of the shed. So pretty. The third from the bottom is perfect and the Guitar Hero with her fun t-shirt--hilarious. Hey--your brother-in-law has kind of a Tim Robbins thing goin' on...

Robert J. Trenske said...

I think Robin said it the best, this shoot rocks!! :) We miss you Carla, we need to get together sometime soon for a night out in Hartford!!

Mary Marantz said...

that shirt is awesome!! great job as always my dear!!

Robin Dini Photography said...

Lovin' the rockin' style on this shoot. so fun to shoot with family! :) He looks just like his brother!