Tuesday, November 11, 2008

meet malena

A few weeks ago Mike and I photographed Malena for her CD art! Malena is an up and coming singer songwriter based in CT who is destined for big things.
Keep an ear out for her and her incredible talents....! A big shout out goes to Dana Bartone for her mad makeup and styling skills!
Malena brought some balloons to add some color to our shoot- I think they really worked out well.

Check out Malena's shoes.....sparkly RED CONVERSE!!! Yeah, I am super jealous and have been trying (unsuccessfully) to find these shoes for myself!!

Mike had scoped out these cool barns for us to shoot at, they created a really nice feel- in case you were wondering- we rocked the video light behind her to give us just enough of a warm glowy light behind her head- I really love the look!

Check out her lashes!!

We had such a great time- I can't wait to see how the whole CD turns out!


Robin Dini Photography said...

come on now!! that balloon shot and the bicycle shot by the barn are kick ass! Love me those red Converse. I'll join you on the scavenger hunt because Robin E. Dini (aka. R.E.D) needs me some sparkly red converse, too!! Ooot Ooh!

Val McCormick Photography said...

Love all the playful colors with the balloons! Bubbles FUN! The texture of the barn totally kicks BIG Booty! I'll have to keep my eyes open for her.

Dana Bartone & Company said...

Carla, you so rocked this shoot and brought out all the fun in Malena. I hope I have many more opportunities to work with you. You are a genius!!!

Erik Maziarz said...

DAMN! Malena will love these. Makes me wanna hear her music!