Tuesday, November 11, 2008

ten eyck tuesday contest...are you in?

Ten Eyck Tuesdays have been such a ray of light for me in so many ways- I love the chance to change things up and teach; I love cooking for everyone!!....and I really enjoy seeing everyone start to see and think and then shoot differently. That's my favorite.

For December I am going to change it up a bit- for a host of reasons-and want to offer this workshop at a discounted rate- did YOU get the memo about the economy being in the toilet? You didn't? Well Dave can email it to you! (sorry honey!! :) So in honor of that, and the holidays and the fact that we have a new President (yay!) Here is what I am proposing:

This December 2nd's Ten Eyck Tuesday will only be $150 instead of the regular rate of $350!

Here's the catch:

email me why YOU deserve a break- the top three best reasons will be the next workshop participants!!

Don't be shy! Send in your story! Make me laugh! Make me cry! JUST DO IT!!


New to the Ten Eyck Tuesday experience? DON'T BE! Here's the 411:

Ten Eyck Tuesdays, are appropriately on every first Tuesday of the month! Here we focus on learning how to make good images to start instead of back tracking and trying to fix stuff in the computer!

It's a full day workshop and it is very hands on- we talk, I set up a fun shoot, we eat, we laugh, and then we upload our images and do some post production on your computers. To wrap up we have a group critique. This last part has proved to be such an integral part of making people better shooters- they can see and identify why their image works or why it does not and then use that information the next time they are shooting!

I limit my class size to three students so that they get a lot of hands on attention and teaching.


Rnormfoto said...

I want to attend cuz I want you to kick my ass and then feed me :0

laurie said...
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laurie said...

hey that's me!!! ok everyone looking at this post, if you do not JUMP on this offer you need to be pumbled...yes I said pumbled!!!! This workshop kicked my booty into gear and it still kicks me in the rear when I see the same boring , safe shot that I have been shooting for years...so what r u waiting for EMAIL your reasons..like NOW!!!

Val McCormick Photography said...

I'm with Laurie! So great to see you offering this Carla. I know I have been pushed beyond what I thought were my limits. This workshop really help me focus on my weaknesses. So worth the chance to write Carla and tell her why you deserve to particpate in December's workshop. What a great Holiday gift to yourself and your clients ;-)

Tambo said...

I sent Carla a good list of why I would love to be picked to take part This once in a lifetime opp.. ;o)

Alissa said...

Ohhh! I wanna learn too!! I just need a Tuesday on the first day of the month that I could attend :(

Aurora Photography said...

Throws hat in ring.

Erik Maziarz said...

mmmmm . . . so tempting . . .