Thursday, July 31, 2008

2008 PUG photographers retreat

This past Monday & Tuesday about 28 photographers from across this great state that we call Connecticut and some folks from MA, NJ and NY converged on Amanda Harris Herzberger's family lake house in the Berkshires for our second annual PUG retreat!! It was very relaxing and motivating and I left with a renewed sense of direction and purpose with my business.

The only scheduled class, so to speak was when Mary & Justin sat us all down and we wrote what we struggle with in the five areas of life: personal; family; spiritual; business and financial. We then did the same for what our goals are in those five areas.

The rest of the time was spent coming up with 101 goals to achieve in 1001 days. My list includes personal things like #48. 'put curtains up in the entrance' to #60. 'Get fitted properly for a bra' to Business related items like #53. 'Learn a new function on my D3' to #75. 'Add Maternity section to my website'

to much loftier goals like #98. 'Shoot U2 in concert' and #58. 'Learn how to make tamales'

I encourage everyone to do this, not just photographers! Make yourself a DOER and LESS of a TALKER!!

Check back in a few days, we are all supposed to pick one goal from our list that we have accomplished and blog it!!! I'll be checking on everyone so get ON IT!!!

Miss Julia from Salty Grapes in Guilford is just one of the most genuine and lovely people I have met in a long time... she just lights up a room when she is in it!

Mr. Justin Marantz is one hot ticket!

Miss Mary was reading this book called 'Skinny Bitch' out loud to us on the dock, and I was cracking UP! It's basically a book about what certain foods do to your body so that you can make educated decisions about eating but told in a let's just call in 'honest as hell' slant!!

Nikki Nicole loves herself some fishing! One of my goals (#37) is to go fishing with Miss Nikki!

Amanda Harris Herzberger and the other man in her life, Strider

Jacob Bergmeier of NoDo Photography in NY, is such a HAM! I tried to be so sneaky but this guy had some serious C 10ike radar on and every time I came with in a 50mm lens of him he was ON, all flexing and stuff!

Travis Flynn of Travis Flynn Photography in Milford TENNESSE! Just kidding, in CT- he sounds like he is from down SOUF with his crazy southern lilt.

Could Amanda be cuter? I am sure she is laughing at some dig on me as innocent as she looks, that girl will keep you in LINE! :)

Mr. Strider, looking all regal

I told you that book was GOOD

Christy Murray (my fellow Mafia member!!!) was taking it all in- the sunset and the photographers!

Tina Parsadanov, also a Mafia alum, laughing it up- or just clearly uncomfortable with em shooting her! But she can make a MEAN peach martini....

Dave & Jo of Allegro Photography- the narrator and townsfolk respectively...

Miss Eileen Broderick of Eileen Broderick Photography (the INFORMER!) having an intense conversation with Mrs. Mary Marantz!

Miss Joy Moody of soon to be Philly fame striking a pose for Krystal Prue of Studio Foto and Mr. Justin Marantz. How crazy do those two look with their one eyed willy eye!!

Ummm.... I wanna look this hot when I shoot! Go Mary!

The Marantz's did a mentoring session with miss Val McCormick and asked Paul & Krystal of to model... they are SO CUTE!!!! I loved these two I shot of them on the dock.


Jacob Bergmeier said...

Flex??? You totally just sold me out... STINKER!!!

It was great to spend the time with you at the retreat... Thanks for your input!

Robin Dini Photography said...

love them all! look at cutie patootie miss nikki. I've got a pole too ladies!

raw photo design said...

sucks I missed it!!!

Salty Grapes Photography said...

You're going to make me cry!!!! =) I had such a blast, and we truly do need to hang out more often. Come on. Of all the bathing suits in the world... ;)

Thank you so much for being such an inspiring and encouraging force in my life.

XOXO Julia

Travis Flynn said...

Way to tell the story, Carla! I like all of the characters you've included. Yes, not really from south, but if anyone reading this has a destination wedding set for Tennessee, give me a ring-- I'll fit right in. Can't wait for next year's retreat! said...

Too bad I missed it. :) Looks like everyone had a lot of fun!! I love the image of Mary reading "Skinny Bitch" - Krystal & Paul looking so in LOVE... :)

Val McCormick Photography said...

What beautiful photos Carla. Thank you so much for all the laughs. I really had a great time. I need Lt. Carla around more to push my butt to be all that I can be :-) You are really an inspiring person and I am so lucky to have met you. I am game cooking fun and so is Claudia and all that Whoo Haaa, thrppp... LOL.

Tina Parsadanov said...

Oh yeah baby, mafia all the way! tehe. It was sooo fun! Thanks to everyone for being such a fun group. The PUG group totally rocks! (next on the menu: long island iced tea!) ;)

Wolfgang said...

Carla you absolutly look that hot when you are shooting, because beauty not only comes from the outside! And if YOU dont feel it in this way i hope this is at least one point on your 101 things to achive list! for the rest i totaly agree with val mccormick!

Rnormfoto said...

looks like cool time, guys!

Beyond The Lens Photography said...

I wish I could of been there, but look at the bright guys didn't have to endure more inappropriate dancing! I'm shooting for next year though!

E. Broderick Photography said...

These shots are great! What a fun time. Mmm...just remembered that peach martini. Thanks for cracking me up all damn night. I loved this retreat. I loved getting to just chill and laugh with you all for 2 days straight.

BAGHEAD. Call me.

carla ten eyck said...

BAGHEAD!!!!!! Hell YEAH I'll call you! That looks SO GOOD

oh and Robin Val totally figured out the farting noise text!

thrppPP! (I added my own caps on the end to signify the 'up' sound!!)

teresa said...

Great fun images of everyne, looks like you all have a blast!


Jo said...

Carla, you crack me up. Can't wait to see what goals you tackle first. :)