Sunday, July 20, 2008

do you STILL get butterflies??


Wow, yesterday's wedding at the Racebrook Country Club had me all a-flutter for several reasons-
I just still get a nervous excitement before each wedding- not nervous in that sense but in like, what kind of crazy fun stuff am I shooting today and what new things will I try- how can i push myself?

Then when I am shooting I just get all AMPED and fluttery and kind of have several mini freak out sessions inside my head all day, OK sometimes I let it out and flail a bit! Which only seems to add to the nuttiness, my brides feed off of it and we get all crazy together, it's fun! I mean, really, they have spent HOW LONG planning for all of these details and to have someone yelling about it is kind of validating, no?

And so I yell! And freak out! And make sometimes weird and embarrassing noises that I blame on Mike!

Yesterday was no exception, I was in Full Freak-out Mode (FFM)!! Samira & Patrick had so many great details and colors and we just had such great light and they just went with what I suggested and totally trusted me!

So I just had to post a quick shot from right before the ceremony that had me AAF (all a-flutter)

I can't wait to go back and get this blog post ready to go up, I know Samira & Patrick can't wait to see some stuff, even in Hawaii!

Thanks for giving me so much to work with!


Here's to always having butterflies!


lindsay@sixpence said...

Yay, Carla, can't wait to see the rest! Tal said it was amazing!

Robert J. Trenske said...

Hey Carla, I get the butterflies everytime before a wedding. I think it is an amazing thing and it is shows how much you care that you are capturing such a special event. I love that feeling of not knowing exactly what I am going to shoot and that you get to perserve people's most important moments. It is incredibly exciting. So I agree with you, here is to always having butterflies :).

Robin Dini Photography said...

here here! a little anxiety never hurts! :)

raw photo design said...

I would like to attest to the fact that Carla was indeed in total FFM yesterday........but hey, we wouldn't have her any other way now would we???

talia@sixpence said...

Carla, we had so much fun Saturday! The wedding was spectacular and having you capture it all was the icing on the cake!

I can't wait to see the rest.

Jerome said...

I shot a butterfly on Saturday! Does that count? ;-)