Monday, July 28, 2008

michele + brian wedding at the garrison NY

When I first met with Michele & Brian and they told me about this place, the Garrison in NY, they talked about the view and how beautiful it was. I checked it out online and though, 'yeah it is pretty' but when Mike and I got there this past Saturday we were just so excited with how much prettier it is in person! Not to mention that the placement of the ballroom and ceremony site couldn't be any better with where the sun sets! It's just beautiful- and the people who work there were SO nice and a pleasure to work with!

Yeah...Michele must really like me, and like shoes because she got some super soft, super buttery, super delicious Manolo's. Mike and I had fun shooting these!!

Their wedding colors were pink and yellow...!

One of Michele's bridesmaids also is a makeup artist, she did a terrific job on Michele!

Michele has the bluest eyes, they are so beautiful!

Her maid of honor looked so cute in her rollers, I couldn't stop sneaking shots which kept making her jump out of her skin! It was hilarious since I love scaring people! just not usually with my camera... :)

Michele and Brian decided to see each other before the ceremony so since it was so hot and bright we shot inside an empty room that was filled with soft indirect light. I placed them right in front of the doors and just played around with my exposure. I wanted to create some nice blown out graphic stuff

They were originally standing in between two doors which cut smack into their profile line and kind of ruined the shot I had in my head so we opened the doors and I got low and it totally cleaned up the background-

This one is my favorite shot of them for a few reasons- one because I just love the light, I love how tender and natural they are with each other (they just kind of melt into each other!) and then that this could have been shot anywhere. It's not dependent on the location to make or break it- it's also not the light that does it either- it was super bright almost high noon conditions but this softness was created in camera by how I chose to expose the frame.
The point of my technical rambling? You can create your favorite shots ANYWHERE! Just stop, take a breath and make it happen!

This one is one of favorites as well, for the same reasons as the one above!

We are really loving the bridal party facing away from us shots (yes we get them facing us!)

And then I saw these... the ladies had a fun time creating their shadows for this one!

This little cutie, one of the twin flower girls who I could NOT stop shooting just freaked out when she saw a butterfly and shouted 'BUTTERFLIES' and then hightailed it to where they were! This is pretty much how I feel in my head a lot.

Do you see what I mean??

Michele's grandmother was so cute and emotional when she saw them coming down the aisle

I love how peaceful Brian looks as he watches Michele

The light + these two?

What a beautiful spot! super pretty I was almost coming out of my SKIN

Right after family shots the sun was just perfect

Their cake was so simple and pretty and white

I love their first dance shot

Make sure you check out Mike's shots HERE!!


Wolfgang said...

I can't tell which one i love most, they are all so beatiful! But how can you take a picture of manolos without having the writing sharp and readable. i think you we can consider this as a kind of blasphemy! :-))

Robin Dini Photography said...

oooooooh...i love the softness in all of these. there is definitely a mood going on here. the shot of the flower girl at the end of the aisle...oooooooOO. love the back light on her.

you rock those details lady. love it!

Rnormfoto said...

5th from the bottom--the golden, glowy profile of the girl in the aisle---beautiful!!

Brody Grant said...

amazing work! Nothing like a great couple at a great location in great light! And carla, those little flowergirls, wooooweee it's like they're tailormade for the job. What cuties!

Great photos as always!
Stay happy and healthy,
Brody - Polarity Photo

Tony Spinelli Photography said...

Freakin awesome stuff! You have an amazing eye!

Mary Marantz said...

ahhhhhh you ROCKED this one!! seriously! rocked AND rolled it. damn!! First off, the Manolos???? WHUUUUT?? Are you kidding me? And LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE that forehead portrait. yum. just yum.

E. Broderick Photography said...

Beautiful light. I love the series of the couple inside. So quiet and simple and stunning. And the light outside post-family pics--mmmmm....Lots of goodness here.

teresa said...

love the jelly beans with the rings!

amazing creativity as always girl!

dorelies said...

As everytime they are all so beautiful and lovely that I just cant decide which one is the best.
One word to the beautiful shoes: I always ask myself how to stay in those highheels all the day long. I would prefer those lovely pink ballerinas of amanda.