Tuesday, July 01, 2008

larissa + garrett wedding at rocky neck state park

Larissa & Garrett got married at Rocky Neck State Park on what was supposed to be a rainy and yucky day.... but it turned out to be beautiful!! They had the best weather and the most awesome details- Mike and I had a blast shooting. Not to mention that Miss Larissa is the most giggly lady, like EVER, which just made me laugh all day as well! Talia & Lindsay from Sixpence for Your Shoe did it up, fabulous-style, as always!! They are so much fun to work with, if you don't have a coordinator for your day.... GET ONE! They are great!

Now, Larissa had her dress custom made, it was beautiful and it was PINK!! I LOVE pink so I was super psyched, not to mention that the pink and her blonde hair just looked so incredibly beautiful together...

A little sparkle goes a long way... add to it some seersucker? WHAT? Yeah, I love it too!

Larissa gave me some stuff from the reception to shoot their rings so we tied the whole beach theme together with her details- I used the seersucker table linen and the star fishy hoo ha things and made a pretty little design with their rings
a kiss, a hug, a kiss a hug and a kiss

Larissa and her Mom, having a nice getting ready moment

She gave us plenty of time before hand to get to the beach and shoot her and her girls- there was a really cool rocky wall to shoot her against, Mike and I worked it!

And speaking of WORKING IT! I saw Larissa's Mom shooting us shooting her from above and thought- oooohhhhh- and huffed my way to the top and shot down on Larissa as Mike was shooting her from the ground. I LOVE this shot of her, and she only gave me about 2 frames where she wasn't cracking up laughing! But the serious look on her face in this shot just makes it

There was a beautiful looooong hallway of windows where we shot the ladies. I shot this as Mike was setting up a shot

The flowers were off the HOOK beautiful! Chris from Thistles, A Flower Shop in Madison did the flowers!

Come on! The place cards on the netting was super cute. Watching Talia set it up was even cuter! :)

Larissa had an emotional moment during the ceremony, which was right on the patio of the pavilion on the hill.

This is my favorite 'coming back down the aisle' shot EVER- how cute is Garrett's grandmother kissing his hand???? COME ON!

Love the warm delicious flare

And couldn't get enough of the rocky walls

Clearly! I had fun with this wall, the green grass and the nice light. Not to mention the bridal party was willing to do whatever we asked and were fun to work with!

ON our way to another spot to shoot we walked through this tiny patch of light and were like... waaaaiiiitt a minute.... hold on there!! Add some kissing and giggling, and there you have it!

Their cake was so cute, I loved the beach chairs on the top

And I gotta give them props for their first dance song... it was a Smashing Pumpkins song, 'Tonight Tonight'

Larissa & Garrett we had a great time at your wedding, keep your eyes open for your photo booth slide show, it is HILARIOUS!!!

Make sure you check out Mike's shots HERE!


Robert J. Trenske said...

Hey Carla, I love the details shots, the shoes and the starfish especially. I also really like the bride from above. Awesome!!

Jaime said...

Great stuff. What a beautiful wedding.

dorelies hofer said...

hey carla, all the pinks and blacks standing at the wall is great - I love it!!

Robin Dini Photography said...

ooooh, these a beautiful! love how her dress turned out!

MIKE said...

Great shots,as always!!!!! the grandmother kissing his hand is sooo awesome. I rechecked my pics and I just missed it.. DAM :O

Wolfgang said...

I LOOOOVVEE the top-down shot, what a lovely point of view. Got all the right moments as always. Great shots!

daniela said...

i love the same as wolfgang. ohhh i think it´s our first agreement..-))

talia@sixpence said...

Beautiful pictures Carla! I love them. It was so fun to work with you too! Thanks for the props! I can't wait to see the photobooth ones! Do share soon...

lindsay@sixpence said...

Pretty Pretty! As always, had a total blast working with you!

Salty Grapes Photography said...

Wonderful shots!!! I love that her dress was PINK!!! =) Just fabulous.

Sharon Verano said...

Wow! Incredible. Everything turned out beautiful.