Monday, July 21, 2008

samira + patrick wedding at racebrook country club

OK, so here is the butterfly inducing wedding of Samira & Patrick at the Racebrook Country Club in Orange where I was AAF (all a flutter)! My main big guy Mike was off galavanting in California for a family wedding (check his blog he got some great shots from his wedding!)and so I had the super talented Eric from RAW Photo Design tag in for some Carla Ten Eyck super fun shooting time!

Now I had probably shot Samira's beautiful custom made dress like 12 different ways and mostly in the blue room where she got ready... but there was something really rich and pretty about this shot- not to mention that this green was one of her wedding colors. A lot of my dress shots have been all light and airy lately, which I love, but a trip to the dark side is fun too

Mr. Eric from RAW caught me shooting the rings on this wicked cool PINBALL MACHINE that they just happen to have! Not only that, but it is like a tic-tac-toe one, with X's and O's just for me to play with! Come ON!!

And so I play!

How can I NOT shoot her shoes on this? I can't refuse myself and so I give in. And shoot!

She had some of her bridesmaids dresses and her Mom's dress all hanging in the world's cleanest closet! With some green accents in there! OK, I mostly took this shot for my husband Dave so that he can drool over the clean closet, sorry honey, it's never gonna happen!!

I love the starkness of this shot of Samira and her Mom Mary putting on her bracelet

I had some fun catching Samira in the mirror, the blue only made it more fun

Like THIS much fun! I like this rich shot as well- that seemed to be the theme of this wedding for me, really rich vibrant colors!

As we are getting ready to go to the club for our first look session I saw this cool napkin on the counter and grabbed Samira in the background

There is something so quiet and intense about this shot that I am really digging. I love how it's not perfect- there are some crazy shadows (done intentionally) where you can't see Patrick completely, makes it a little more mysterious...

So we got to go to Racebrook before the ceremony for photos before, one of the BEST decisions of the day, thanks Samira and Patrick! (It was just so hot!!) I love the rocking chairs on the deck and kept 'rocking' them HA HA HA!!

Eric is a multitasker, doesn't he look pretty with flowers?

A little variation on the shot above- Eric put the flowers there and I really liked them in the foreground

Now this little one was a TRIP! She is so adorable and had so many adorable moments, like coming down the aisle....!!!

Yes. The maid of honor had hot pink shoes! The flowers were ridiculous! And GREEN! And super pretty!

I had a great time shooting the bridal party- they were really funny to boss around- the one guy on the end to the right flew all the way in from JAPAN to be at the wedding!

Come on!! How cool is Patrick?

I love this one! Eric got a great shot of me setting this one up, where Samira's brother is giving me the hairy eyeball! Check out Eric's blog, it's hilarious

Samira and her Dad in the car before the ceremony

This little pumpkin made it about half way down the aisle and then just freaked out- it's a lot of pressure being on the spot when you are only two! Her cousins were so nice and helpful and they all made it down, tears and all! I just love the lady cracking up on the left!

So two of the flower girls didn't wear shoes, I guess they were pinching their little tootsie toes... so how cute are these little bitty toes peeking out of the aisle?

Love this shot of Samira's bridesmaid helping her get in the car

It started raining so we had to keep them inside the car and get creative with our shots

I wanted to work the reflections a bit and am really happy with this shot

One of the details I loved the most was the framed family wedding pictures they had all over the lobby- going like way WAY back too! They all had name tags telling who was who. This one is of Mary and Mohammed, Samira's parents.

My second favorite detail? The wheatgrass name card holders! So pretty!!!

Samira & Patrick just love pictures and really gave me SO many opportunities to shoot- before the ceremony, afterwards and during the reception we stepped out to enjoy some of the nice warm light on the deck

Their cake was FUNFETTI! And super pretty!

Yeah, that's right! We rocked the photo booth and had a BLAST!!

Eric, Samira, Patrick, me, and Talia from Sixpence For Your Shoe, taking a fun-time break


Robert J. Trenske said...

Hey Carla, nice job, I like the dress shots and all of the details. Really nice!!

Orchard Cove Photography said...

LOVE IT. Love the clean closet and the details - super super pretty :) Awesome flowers. I MISS YOU!

Mary Marantz said...

Oooooh! I WANT that closet! Beautiful job as usual my dear! you are rockin it all over the place! those place cards are A-MAZING!!


E. Broderick Photography said...

Ooh--very moody and cool lighting and color stuff goin' on here. I, too, am drooling over that closet but seriously--how is that even possible. Have they not moved in yet or what?! Love the pinball machine and the rocking chair shots. And her reflection the mirror. And all that moody light.

Rnormfoto said...

you allowed a CANON SHOOTER to second shoot? shocking.

talia@sixpence said...

ohh Carla, they are fabulous! I love them.

You know that I am dying to see more of them too! There were so many things to take pictures of, come back and share more!!!

daria said...

you are amazing!

i've decided that you guys should pack up and move to vermont so we can pal around and shoot weddings together.


Val McCormick Photography said...

Love them!!! Loved the shot of the little foot in the isle. Definately tells a story! The ring shot is so sweet! Awesome!

raw photo design said...

Carla!!! What a pleasure to work with such a photog legend as yourself! Seriously though....isn't that like the 3rd picture of me holding a bouquet on these CT blogs? I think I should change my job description to "Photographer and Bouquet Bitch" - You rock and it was amazing to c ya in action!!

MEG said...

talia, you look hot!!!
Love, meg

JAGstudios said...

beautiful wedding Carla, you rocked it as always! Love the colours... too many good shots to mention! rock on gf!