Monday, July 14, 2008

amanda + jeff wedding (rehearsal) part 1 of 4

Prepare yourself, people! I am about to TEAR my blog UP with some Harris - Herzberger LOVE!
This past weekend was my one weekend off this summer, sort of! One of my closest friends, Miss Amanda Harris, got married in Vermont this weekend and it was a wedding extravaganza-george-costanza-bonanza!! There was MADRAS and SEERSUCKER to SPARE! And hugs, and crying and strawberry mojitos and just the nicest group of people there to celebrate the marriage of two really wonderful and incredible people... So here goes!

And on a little aside here, who would have thought that I would have met such an incredible life long friend from going to a photography networking meeting???? Yay PUG!!

I have broken this post up into FOUR: the rehearsal, the wedding images with stories the wedding slide show and of course the photo booth madness slide show!!

What's this event without Strider? It isn't! He was so in his element out here in the rolling hills of Vermont... a little out of sorts by all of the activity surrounding his mommy & daddy but he was chill, as always!

Now Miss Amanda was a MESS, in the best possible way... she had her heart out there every moment and was taking it all in. For those of you who have not yet been married, let's just say that it is an emotional day! So she took in what she could, and then cried it out! Took more in, cried more out! My heart was in a knot watching my little Amanda experience all of this love and support... it was so touching and was the tear trigger for yours truly!

George (Amanda's Dad) Sharon (Jeff's Mom) and Kitty (Amanda's Mom) taking in the scene... I love watching the parents, because this is a big day for them too

Excuse me while I take a break to shoot a j crew ad!

I love Jeff! He is so witty in his really-deep-voice-rocket-scientist-kind-of-way! He is so good for Amanda and she is so good for him, I am looking forward to seeing them SO MUCH when they get back from their mini-moon!!

Amanda and her Dad are very close- every time she went near him she cried! And so did I! I just love the look on his face as they are walking down th aisle

Reed was playing the trumpet for the ceremony- he was great!

I don't think Jeff's Mom could look happier if she tried

Poor Strider was laid OUT from all of the activity! Here the bridal party gathers in a circle to all take a turn to bless the rings - they literally pass them around the entire circle and each person holds them for a moment and then passes them on. It's a really beautiful part of the ceremony!

A little 'rehearsal' cuddling

Did I mention that Strider was laid out?

Amanda's Mom Kitty and the man of the hour, the point person extraordinaire, WILL!! He was the go to guy for so much, and was so helpful and awesome

The future Mrs. Herzberger, looking all serious!

Amanda and George going off for a stroll, and Strider doesn't want to be left behind!

So going from the rehearsal to the dinner I got LOST, like grade A ,I have NO IDEA where the HECK I am kind of lost! But isn't this pretty!!! (thank you John for guiding me back!)

Now Mrs. Mary Marantz was a nice addition to the emotional pie! How cute is she?

Mr. Andy Bishop the other half of Daria Bishop photography! He is so great and was so much fun to shoot next to!

Yes it is!!! Mrs. Daria Bishop!!! FINALLY we get to meet! She is SO freaking hilarious and funny to watch in action, her commentary was cracking me UP! Not to mention that she and Andy are such incredible photographers, it was great watching another photog team tear it up!

During an emotional toast

Now Mary does this thing when she is going to cry where she fans her face, like a true southern belle!! It doesn't stop her from crying but it sure looks cute when she does it!!!

Amanda's brother John is an artist and did a painting for Jeff & Amanda as a gift it was beautiful

And what a beautiful night!


dorelies said...

The two night-impressions at the end are lovely.

Mary Marantz said...

woooo hoooo! i'm fanning myself as we SPEAK!


Jean Molodetz said...

i'm fanning while i cry......looking forward to more.

E. Broderick Photography said...

Yahoo!! Love these. I was checking all morning cuz I knew you'd post something! Can't wait to see the rest. Beautiful job. They are going to LOVE them!

Robin Dini Photography said...

man, all i can say is i just love that amanda harris. you rock girls! i love ya all!