Monday, July 14, 2008

amanda + jeff wedding at shelburne farms VT

Ahhhhhh.... post two of four, here we go!

So Amanda was super smart and started the day off with a yoga session with the most amazing instructor, Heidi. It was so peaced out and a great way to just mellow out and focus on what lies ahead....So during our session Heidi asks us to just be present and focus on Amanda and how much you love her and Jeff and well, that is IT! I am a mess, and can't open my eyes (bc for this you are sitting outside listening to her voice and the wind and it's beautiful and great and your eyes are closed so you're not self conscious or anything) It was overwhelming but in a really good way

Here Amanda and her girls have a nice relaxing lunch on the lawn before they start the whole 'getting ready' hoopla

So since I am a guest I am not the official photographer of the wedding but that certainly does not stop me from shooting! I can't help myself!! But I am ever respectful of Daria and Andy's job and am trying to stay out their way. So I coordinate with Amanda to come over before so I can rock some details. Finding a spot for the dress was fun... this window was great and gave me the light I was craving for it

Now. Her SHOES were SO freaking awesome. And PINK! And SPARKLY!! So I will spare you all and only post one in this grouping but they are going to have a post of their own I shot SO MANY variations!! But the pink and green went so well with the whole preppy thing that was going on so I put that shot here, to coordinate!

After yoga, Justin Mary and I hung out on the beach and I found this awesome stone in the shape of a heart! Amanda has a cool collection of these stones with their white stripes that I think are so pretty... so of course I thought it would be really nice for her ring shot! I shot it on top of her Mom's coffee table, it is so rich and textured and natural

Now Amanda and her friends have had these shoes for years, there is a whole 'Sisterhood of the traveling pants' kind of thing going on with them where I believe they would trade them around and give them to the girl in the group who needed to be cheered up the most, please ladies correct me if this is wrong! So Amanda swore she was going to wear these for her wedding but decided to buy a newer version of them for the day!

Amanda and Carter

Her bridesmaids were just hanging out by this barn...! Yes they were! AMAZING!!!

Here they are watching Amanda and Jeff arrive from their 'first look' session with Daria and Andy

How excited is she?????

The light here was amazing.... Daria and Andy got some great stuff I am sure, I can't wait to check out their shots!

madras + seersucker dress in the back? Yeah. LOVLEY!!!!

Amanda's Dad and her brother John were standing by each other and they had their hands in the same exact position! It reminded me of a photo I took of my little brother Derek and my Dad and they had their hands in the same position and it was so interesting for me to see family resemblances in hands! So this shot just called my name!!

Right before the ceremony Amanda was so pumped! She kept checking the window to see who else was arriving so she could get the show on the road and marry that Jeff! Which just gave me some nice opportunities to shoot, so I took 'em!

And here comes Mrs. Marantz! All crying and stuff!

See? Pretty pretty PRETTY! Nice light! Beautiful bride! Wedding anticipation!

And this..... uhhhhh!!!! This is the shot that just gets me right THERE. I am choked up just writing this!

This is the two in the one-two punch out hay maker of emotion for me... seeing Amanda walking out into the bright light with her Dad, into the future with Jeff, into what lies ahead...

seersucker MADNESS!!! Add a yellow lab? And you have some preppy craziness going on

I loved these french doors and tried to utilize them in every way possible

While scoping out the scene during the getting ready shoot I loved the view from this window and ran as fast as my little feet could hustle me up the stairs! Out of breath for sure, but man, I love this shot where you can see George reading and see the vista behind the ceremony... their property is so beautiful!

I didn't get too much of Amanda and Jeff during their ceremony, I was trying to stay on the perimeter and out of Daria and Andy's way, but I love this little moment between them!

So while on the perimeter I walked down the hill on the side and got super low and shot the whole scene, it is pretty!

Miss Amanda wiping away her tears of happiness!!

And those shadows were pretty boss so I tried to rock them in the coming down the aisle shot and try something new!

Now this pictures gets me all choked up too! How is THIS for making friends in the industry? Here is my main kick a$$ shooter Mike, The Marantz's who are rocking stuff left and right and our new BFF Daria Bishop! Photographers UNITE

Justin took Amanda's boquet and went all Grace Ormonde on me! In his SEERSUCKER SUIT! Yeah, that's right.

This was during their first dance! I actually shot the majority of their first dance as all feet shots because they were so animated...

I love these next few shots of them during their first dance as well...

Daria pulled them out so we could utilize the incredible sunset... it was like the papparazzi was there! Me, Mike, Justin, Mary and Daria were ALL shooting! I love what I got, with her little feet peeking out

And then Mike and I decided to play and I shot some of him and his adorable wife Kim and he shot me and my nutty husband Dave (Daria and Mike got some crazy good shots of him tearing up the dance floor which I can't wait to see again!!)

They did a dual parent dance which I always find very challenging to shoot but I really like the almost mirror-like stuff I got!

And Justin and Mary cuddling into the wee hours of the morning...

Check out MIKE's blog and Justin and Mary's! I know they are going to post some crazy cool stuff too!

Stay tuned for the slide show!


Robin Dini Photography said...

SOOOOOO sweet. chokin up again just looking at them. Beautiful beautiful job my dear. I love the sweet moments you captured. yoga did you good and that outfit...adorable! love the new do!

congrats amanda! your ct pals love ya!

Erik Maziarz said...

Carla these are awesome. i love all of the different vantage points of the ceremony, and the shot of the shadows in the aisle is REALLY compelling. Amanda is so lucky to have had you there!

daria said...

Are you Wonder Woman and you are using "Carla" as your secret identity? Seriously, you got these up bionically fast!

And they are all actioned up with cute-as-a-button captions already too! And they are Beautiful!!

It was too much fun to see you in action! Imagine if we joined forces!! That shot of the girls at the barn was mind blowing,as are the rest. And the shoes...we were twins separated at birth!

Anyway, you will see my version some day on my blog!! For now, I will send everyone here!!

xoxoxo said...

Love the shoes.

STEVE DePINO said...

amazing work...that dress shoot is sweet!!!!

Bob Sylvia said...

Love these shots. Looks like a beautiful place. The ones with the dog are adorable too!

Kate & Geoff said...

Those bridesmaids in blue dresses by the red barn is exactly what i had planned for my girls before rain and our lateness took over. good thing you got so many bad ass shots of our wedding or i would be jealous. GREAT stuff! As usual....

E. Broderick Photography said...

Love these!!! Yahoo! The dress shot gave me the chills. You really are quite sneaky, Carla. And you get the coolest shots from the coolest angles. I almost want to get divorced and remarried just to have you shoot my wedding! ;)

laurie said...

congratulations amanda!!! it looks like everything was beautiful! Carla, how do you still push me to shoot different views from thousands of miles away??