Thursday, July 03, 2008

jen + nicole wedding in newington ct

Part three of our weekend shooting festivities were capped off with the fabulous and funny nuptials of our wonderful clients-turned-friends Jen & Nicole in their backyard! It was a logistical debate- who would cover the bride...? Brides! Well good thing there are two of us photographers- so we both started with Nicole and then Mike hightailed it to Jen's and stayed put with her until we met up at Elizabeth Park for portraits before the ceremony.

This mirror gave me some nice shots throughout the morning...

And then we met up at Elizabeth Park for some portraits and group pictures, during Rose Weekend no less, so there were tons of people around, but you wouldn't know it by the way we shot it!! Very challenging but fun!

So of course.... it starts to rain and we have to hightail it into the gazebo and try and get some shots without getting poured on, which I think we pulled off here nicely before if got too stormy out

I really like the top of the gazebo and so shorty got low, low, low, low, low

low like this

and then we made a run for it to the tent, which was thankfully set up for Rose Weekend- and yes, we made quite a scene running in- two brides and two ninjas all in black, running for our lives! Very dramatic and hilarious

and then this cutie patootie? Yeah.

Jen is such a Yankees fan she wanted to wear these gloves for the wedding but Nicole put the cabash on that! But we got a shot of it, of course!

I love the sand ceremony during wedding ceremonies... Nicole & Jen's family poured the sand in, signifying the joining of their families

hands hands love the hands

they had quite a laugh during their ceremony, and couldn't stop, for a while!! It was great!

Their emotional first kiss

Jen's adorable niece

Check us out getting down in the photo booth

oh yeah, I can bust a move

huh. there's a logo in my beer

Check out my boy Mike's shots HERE... he tore it up, AS USUAL!!!!


dorelies hofer said...

Lovely pictures, I mostly love the hand-shot as it is full with emotion. I already loved the e-shooting. Just great - and I immediately have to look at Mikes blog as I always love his pict too.

Robin Dini Photography said...

logo in my beer...that's cute. hi-five on stayin' alive in the rain kids. always a challenge but you used it as an opportunity. excellent.

Eric Foley said...

Hey C, way to get down and dirty E-park style! Very funny booth shots too!

Wolfgang said...

Love the mirror and the roses! Great work as always!

Salty Grapes Photography said...

How adorable are ALL of you?!

I love that even rain doesn't slow you down! =)