Monday, July 07, 2008

cathy + nic wedding at the tower hill botanical gardens

Cathy and Nic were married at one of the coolest places- The Tower Hill Botanical Garden outside of Worcester MA- and had their reception in an ORANGERIE!! I just love saying the word! Orangerie! Orangerie!
Mike and I had fun shooting Cathy in the salon, she looks so adorable!

Here Cathy and her girls check out the guest book that Mike and I did. (for those of you that don't know, we put together a coffee table book for guests to sign in on of their engagement shoot images)

Another under the dress detail shot- I am really enjoying the abstractness of these shots! Mike got a great shot of the dress hanging in the window with the cool white shutter thing-ys, make sure you check out his shots!

Now I was really interested to see what Cathy would bring to the hotel for her 'personal items' for Mike and I to shoot her rings with- and she did not disappoint!! She brought CHOCOLATE. Yes! Now who in their right mind would think to bring that? Someone very, very smart, that's who! I guess she and Nic LOVE chocolate and eat some every night, so she brought some and trusted that we would be able to rock something with it and boy were we! And yes, Mike ate the chocolate when we were done :)

Some other things that Cathy brought were some cards that she and Nic had exchanged over the years. I liked the quote on this card.

Mike shot me shooting the above image. I do what I gotta do.

Cathy was so open to ideas she agreed to put her dress on on the theater that was on-site at the gardens... creating a very fun and unique getting ready shooting opportunity for us!

The stage lights gave us some really great man-made flare opportunities, which we all know that Mike and I ate up!

Cathy and her Mom having a nice moment

Cathy and Nic had a nice point in their ceremony where the officiant asks the congregation to accept responsibility in helping their marriage succeed. Here they are smiling at the enthusiastic response :)

Nic's son is a terrific piano player, he played the most moving piece during the ceremony... I had to stop shooting for a moment and just take it in.

Cathy & Nic's guests waiting in their receiving line

Program detail

We popped over to the orchard part for some shots

Cathy & Nic share a nice moment during their toast

A little snuggling during their first dance

Congratulations Cathy and Nic, thank you so much for having us be a part of your day!

Check out Mike's fabulous shots HERE!!


dorelies said...

I love the green color of the garten-pictures. The one of you shooting the rings is also great. As always I love you for your ideas. Regards from Vienna - you are always in our minds!!

E. Broderick Photography said...

Gorgeous shots! As always. Gosh--I was in Carla Ten Eyck withdrawal--away last week and jonesing for some Carla Magic! The rings in the chocolate--perfect. (And yum.)

carla ten eyck said...

you guys are so sweet...! Dorelies, give everyone my regards in Vienna! (that sounds so fancy!) just like me! :)

Robert J. Trenske said...

Beautiful job Carla!!

Jacob Bergmeier said...

The wedding dress shot is CRAZY! What did you hang that from?

raw photo design said...

carla droppin' it like it's hot!

Wolfgang said...

And again: The oscar for the best wedding ring picture goes to.......... CARLA!!!!! You were lucky to have Mike with you because i would have eaten up the chocolate before you could have taken the picture. :-)

laurie said...

ok crazy girl i am off to the dominican republic tonight but I'll be watching u from another country hehe (i'm the ultimate stalker:)
your pictures are breath taking as alwasy but I expect nothing less out you missy!!

Mary Marantz said...

O.....M......G. That ring shot....YUMMY!!! Love it!

You rock girlie!


Salty Grapes Photography said...

Is Orangerie said with a hauty French accent? (I tried typing it phonetically like 8 times... and failed miserably.) =)

I adore that chocolor/ring/chocolate shot. Just brilliant. As of course are the rest...