Tuesday, July 01, 2008

well, style me pretty, why don't cha!

Today the Connecticut end of the sophisticated and awesome wedding planning blog 'Style Me Pretty' was unveiled... and carla ten eyck photography was one of the very lucky three photographers to be invited to be featured on their site for Hartford!!

This blog is listed as one of Martha Stewart's most favorite blogs and as such gets TONS of traffic and has so many cool ideas on it!

Current brides, future brides, and blog stalkers.....Check it out HERE!

Some more specific directions, it seems there is some confusion... ;)

**Click on the 'Style Me Pretty Link' Above
** Click on 'The Little Black Book of Vendors' box in the top right corner
** Click on Connecticut
** Click on Photographers
** Click on Hartford
** Click on ME!! :)


Jaime said...

Maybe I'm not using my lookers well, but I can't find your stuff. Help!

Orchard Cove Photography said...

I forgot about this - thanks for reminding me :)

Jaime said...

OK, I found it. That's awesome!

Krista Photography said...

that's awesome! I love Style Me Pretty :)

jena70 said...

Nicole would like to say "Consider the site stalked".

Jean Molodetz said...

can't find it....but congrats!

JAGstudios said...

congrats! Your last few shoots were amazing... you so deserve to be on that list!