Tuesday, May 06, 2008

classical magnet photography class visit

Before going on vacation I had a class from the Classical Magnet School in Hartford visit my studio to see a photographer in action, so to speak... One of the reasons I loved doing this was that I am a Hartford girl, born and raised and was totally keen on the idea of showing these fellow Hartford alum the things we can accomplish as artists.

It was a great class but we realized it was WAY too short so we are happily planning a longer session that is going to involve them shooting!

I can't wait for it!

The girls watching my slide show, so that I can show them how I do engagement shoots

While I was talking about how I shoot portraits it occured to me that they might understand it better if I just shot them! Talk about getting a room full of girls all flustered!! :) They were so cute!

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Robin Dini Photography said...

that's so awesome. you were so excited about that. Teaching is indeed for you. :)