Tuesday, May 13, 2008

I am a tourist and PROUD of it

Whilst frolicing in Vienna with Her DePino, I could absolutely NOT stop shooting. Everywhere there were things begging for me to shoot- buildings, food, Steve, textures, the people, I could go on and on and on and on. And while I will with my pictures I will not babble on, OK who am I kidding I will!!

In the market there were stands selling everything- but the weird thing about this shot is that just a few minutes before I was telling Steve that two of my favorite smells were lilacs and gardenias and then right next to each other were those very flowers! bizarre!

Number 10's all over the world....

The flea market! UH! I could have STILL been there browsing, poking through stuff.... It was like torture not having enough time to really spend there but better in the end cuz I would surely have some back with some hoo HA's!

The market was right smack in the middle of everything

Our super adorable hosts, Daniela and Wolfgang having a tender moment at the cafe!

Daniela made me laugh so hard during the entire trip, I am so glad we met and can't wait for you guys to come visit the states!

Wolfgang shooting me shooting him. It became somewhat of a game to catch him shooting Steve or me!

Wolfgang brought us to this incredible palace where the king only stayed for the summer. Yeah.

One of our workshop attendees, the very funny Robert, brought his adorable girlfriend out to dinner with us and made us laugh our butts off! Those two are hilarious!

Pork, Pork and MORE PORK!!! I love me some pork, so I was clearly in the right country a 'cuz these guys know how to rock the other white meat!

pretty postcards

There was this really cool amusement park in the middle of Vienna that was almost twilight zone ish, I loved this run down (and inoperable) slide thingy- and I especially loved the T.

Weiner SCHNITZEL! Wolfgang and Daniela brought us to this incredible place that served ice cold beers and beautiful schnitzel!

Then at night after walking around Vienna we popped into one of the cafes they are famous for and rocked some cappuccinos, lattes and the most decadent desserts


Dorelies said...

It is nice to see, that you love out town - but we love you too and it would be great seeing you and Steve again soon - not only on blog.

daniela said...

carla - it is a WIENER schnitzel..-)))
i love all pics! especially the ones with me..-))

Eric Foley said...

So the only question I presume would be how long before you make it back?? I love the images you captured, they make me want to be there!

STEVE DePINO said...

Love that photo of Robert with his girl.

Matt Damon... :)

Robin Dini Photography said...

lovin' me some food pictures! you are all about the white meat girlfriend. but seriously (so you!) the shots at the outdoor market are fabulous. The hanger shot...rocks!

Studio Foto said...

FOOD!!! I want to go just for the food and bier ;)


Candace Jeffery Photography said...

I've been to that palace before, so beautiful!

daria said...

Fun stuff, Carla!!

Mary Marantz said...

I'm so hungry now!

Salty Grapes Photography said...

Just awesome! The market shots are terrific... I have to go to Germany for work in the near future, and my trigger finger is just ITCHING to book the trip. =) Your Vienna shots make me even antsier! (Is that a word?)